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    HI friend,

    Iam so sorry that you are going through this crap with your ex......but I did want to say a few things.....first of all sweetie try to stop letting him push your buttons....because that is what he is doing!

    If he cannot provide proper places for Cody to sleep and clothing etc....then maybe he should lose the priveledge of seeing his son until he learns to do so.....

    the courts really will be upset to find out the father is NOT providing lifes necessities for Cody!

    Just a thought!

    another thing in regards to your incident I wanted to share with you that I had a very similer thing happen to me years ago.......I was very fortunate that I had a friend that was able to figure out what happened and she basically carried me home to safety....but still I would have ended up in your shoes if she was not there....

    to this day Iam angry because nothing happened to this guy who I know did it and gave the police a name and good dscription of him......Iam certain that since he got in no trouble that he went on to do it to others....and that thought makes me sick!

    Iam here for you.....I know that you are really having a very hard time with this.......I hope you still have my email address so you can write to me......maybe we can set up instant messaging for times when you need support asap!

    You are always here for me and support me unonditionally....and I just want to convery to you that Iam here for you...........I understand how you have times that you need that "800" number that is not allowed to be discussed.....
    I caught on to that as soon as I read it! ;)

    "Ok friend I hope that today is better for you........and remember Iam here....if you did lose my email address I can always meet you in chat to give it to you;)

    You are a good person and deserve to be free from this antagonizing behavior of codys dad and you also deserve to be free from the violation that weighs heavy on your mind....

    I admire and respect you for going back to school, and know that you will succeed and be are a trooper!

    Love, hugs, and prayers
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    for sounds like we feel the same on the assualt issues. there seems to be no justice...i do need to not let that bring down. wished it went away over night...but i have to live w/tendonitis in my left wrist, he messed up my new surgery i had on my right elbow and strained the heck out of my right shoulder.

    yes, it could've been worse...luckily cody has a mother still alive.

    cody w/be 18 in december..i have to decide is it worth the exta money to go to court or not. then cody graduates in june 08.

    my mom said if cody wants to go to his dad's house in those environments then cody should be old enough to say yes or no. basically not worth my exta energy to defend cody when cody isn't wanting to defend himself..

    i would like if his dad would just buy some basic things like clothing and undergarments for when he is there on those 2-4 days out of the month...i don't think it is too much to ask for...that is what the court told him he is supposed to do..

    he is selfish and it is all about his money and his new makeshift family...he likes to brag w/money...unless it is to his son or myself...

    i w/survive.

    i think i still have you in my email address acct. but i have to check...

    i thought from memory at one point i may have deleted it cause i hadn't heard from you for quite sometime on the message i though maybe you need your privacy...

    like stormyskey, sorta vanished....i think sometimes people come to a point here that they must move on to more positive things, instead of reading about people being in pain and personal take only.

    i thank you and i w/be in touch soon. sorry for your nightmare as well. thank goodness for your friend.


  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i did delete or clean up my emaill..if you have mine it is still the same.

    cody was in a fowl mood yesterday..his father never came to wash his clothes like i figured...cody's grandma said she would wash them...

    i don't k ow where they are staying in san jose or novato...cody didn't express much to me last night. so i imagine once i get some dinner ready for cody that is when his grand parents w/pop up...nothing against them....

    just lack of communication and their son can not do any wrong...

    that's how i feel atleast...


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