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    Prayers are being offered for your successful surgery, for God to guide the hands of your surgeon, and the actions and attentions of your nurses and caretakers. May He also bless you and your family with peace of spirit and mind.

    Concentrate on your health, don't let yourself get caught up in other worries right now. I don't know what the conflicts were about and I'd be smart to stay out of it, anyway.- LOL!
    A little healthy constructive selfishness can be a good thing, although it may go against your giving nature.
    Please take care and don't let yourself get too stressed.

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    I'm so happy to see you here! You prob don't know who I am..i responded to several of your posts on the ra board..actually I had just written a response to your last post and poof the whole thread went away. Crazy stuff going on there.
    Anyway, you are such an amazing testimony of God's love and grace. I pray that He will carry you in His arms throughout your entire hospital stay. I will be praying for are precious! Please let us know....or could your family let us know..on this you are..dare I ask??? what was all that on the other board? I just want to know how you are..I don't care how!!!!! Take care and may God richly bless you,
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    Praying for you,Linda
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    To contiue from my post on the ra board. Please take care of yourself and just concentrate on what is ahead. Just rest in the Lord's arms.Let Him carry you from test to test and know that He is hovering over you as you have your surgery. Father I ask that you please give JJ peace at this time. Please help her to feel Your prescence.Please put some angels in her room to watch over her. Please give her wisdom for any decisions that need to be made. Please let everything go smoothly and let her recovery be swift and smooth. Please bring healing to her body from the crown of her head to the soles of her feet. Thank you. In Jesus Amen. JJ as Jesus calmed the storm for the disciples I speak to your situation and say PEACE BE STILL.