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    Hi there. I think you have me (PONYGIRL) and horsegal mixed up. I did post last week about a lecture in Seattle offer by a Dr. Finnigan from Lacey. I wasnt able to go but sent my favorite Chiro Dr. the info.He said yes , he had heard of this guy but didnt sound very impressed. So, may or not be a marketing deal. 2k up front sounds like alot. This guy said you didnt have to pay after the first session if you werent 100% satisfied. Anyway, maybe I can go to the next one which I think is July1. Ill let the board know.
    And yes , you are right , I am in West Seattle. Fauntleroy area actually. And still have a place on Vashon where I keep my horse. Where are you? Happy trails. I think horse gal is from mid-MO?