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    Hi Kalina,

    I just read your message regarding your IG 1
    blood test and wondered what yours was?
    I had mine tested as well and my dr. was surprised
    that it was low but didn't think it was super low.
    What other test did you have that showed that
    your pit. was working or was it just that you
    were able to produce growth hormone alone?
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    Glad you bumped your post. I just stopped in for a quick peek! I've been flaring, so I'm still laying low from an appointment with my doctor yesterday.

    When my initial IGF-1 level was tested last year, my doc (who is both an internist and a board-certified endocrinologist) said that my number was low. I've had so many tests lately I don't remember the number. It wasn't at the bottom of the normal range either, but it was still well below the mean average.

    The next test I had was called an IGF-1 Stim Test. It has to be done while fasting, and it takes several hours. This was the one used to determine if my pituitary gland was still functioning enough to stimulate production of growth hormone. The nurse who did the test took blood samples every 30 minutes, and in the middle of the test she injected me with something I can't remember the name of, but it's supposed to stimulate the pituitary enough that it registers a response on the next blood draw. My pituitary did show a response (although a wimpy one), so the test results determined that I was still capable of producing growth hormone. If it hadn't responded at all, then I would have had to start the growth hormone injections.

    I also had an MRI of my pituitary to make sure it appeared normal. (I can't remember if that was because of the IGF-1 tests or because of another pituitary stim test I had that showed I had hyperprolactinemia. Or both.)

    Hope this info helps. I'll try to spend some more time on the board this weekend.

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    Thanks for responding to my post. Are you saying
    that your growth hormone level (the first test) was
    within the range but on the low end? Mine was
    70 and that is at least 30 or more lower than the
    lowest range in my lab. I am just curious!

    I never had the other test. I did have the 24 hr urine
    test to rule out Cushing's, which may be why you
    were having MRIs.

    Did the stimulating test show lower growth hormone, too or doesn't it test for that?
    Sorry for all the questions.
    I also had another test beginning with an S that
    I think tests for pituitary stuff.