To Kate and all others with people growing inside them!

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    Just wanted to share a poem... It's on the Poet's Heart thread, too, but I just thought I'd make it more obvious for y'all. There is another baby poem on there, too, if you wanna' check!

    Hey- You There,
    the intimate stranger within-
    You tickle my womb as you
    glide to one side of
    your world
    and tumble back again...
    and again:
    Who are you and
    Who have you been?
    Do you already know where we will
    go together from here?
    It feels to me that
    our eternity begins again, my dear...
    With you on one side and I on the other:

    You my child and I,
    Your Mother
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    OMG! That is the most beautiful poem I have ever read! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is so fitting right now too. I have been contracting and just waiting for the "time" to come and all the while I have been wondering who Landon is.

    I feel like I know him but I can't wait to meet him at the same time.

    This is so wonderful!!! Did you write it? Would you mind if I copied it down and took it to the hospital with me?

    You are so wonderful and such a good friend! Thanks for posting it for us preggers!!!!!


    I hope you are having a happy and pain free day!!!!

  3. LollieBoo

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    Yes, I wrote it when I was pregnant (with a real wiggler!).
    Like you, I felt such a strong bond with the little one inside me... the one that doctors would tell me was not yet a senscient being... We know better.

    I posted it for you. You may do with it as you please, but do add my name to it... Laura Merwin, as the author.

    I am so unbelievably giddy with excitement that you loved it! That makes me feel wonderful.

    You are such a great woman- I really believe that you have no idea what a great mother you will be... but Landon does!