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    Hey Kate,
    "Hi" its me Doxy.........I love the picture of yourself you is so nice to put a face to the name! :)

    I think you are very cute!

    I was wondering if you have any new pictures of your precious son......maybe after everyone has had a chance to see you ..........could you post a new picture of that precious son of yours?

    I always enjoy seeing pictures of him as he is growing.........BTW how is he doing?

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  3. doxygirl

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    We used to call my oldest son "Gerber baby" when he too was little! LOL

    he was such a cute baby!

    Iam so happy that you love your grandbabies.......and that they love you too!

    BTW how is that new man in your life ...........I never hear you mention him..have i missed something?

    Hugs XO
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    Wow, I never saw this! I am so sorry!!!

    Thanks for bumping it up! If I don't answer a post it's because I didn't see it so I hope I didn't hurt your feelings.

    I actually do have a some new pictures! LOL They are of him eating one of those biter biscuit things and he is a mess but he was hamming it up for the camera. I will have to post that one in a second.

    Landon turns six months on Sunday and he is so funny! I had to go to the doctor to get a shot today and he was just smiling at everyone! The nurses were literally fighting over who got to hold him and who got to give me my shot. LOL

    Everywhere I go he smiles and is so good. I get so many compliments on how behaved he is. I just keep waiting....LOL

    Now when was Cohen born? Landon was 2/06. I think they are pretty close.

    I am sorry that you are dealing with all this stress right now. I can hear your pain in your posts and I am sad for a couple of reasons.

    I am sad because I know this is so hard on you and I am sad because I know what my Mom is going through. The only difference is that my Mom made the choice where as you didn't.

    My Mom chose alcohol and she knows I won't raise my son around an alcoholic but she made that choice. Her drug is more important.

    I get sad when I read your posts because I think about the sadness my Mom must be going through but again she is making the choice and I have to be a parent to my son and protect him.

    What Cohen's Mom is doing is just plain selfish and frankly childish. I do have to be honest though I would be a little upset too if I came to pick up my son from his Father and his girlfriend was there.

    I understand the situation of her needing to meet Cohen and all but to make things a little less dramatic maybe she shouldn't be around when it is time for Cohen to go back to his Mom or other Grandmother.

    I truly am sorry for what you are going through. I pray for you and your son and Cohen. I don't reply in your posts because it is hard for me with my own family situation and hearing you talk about how much you miss Cohen makes me want to give in and let my Mom see Landon but I just can't. I have to be strong. I can't let her alcoholism destroy another life.

    Okay I didn't mean for this to turn into a book! LOL

    I am going to go change the picture now but for some reason it takes awhile to load so keep checking if you don't see it immediately.


  6. KateMac329

    KateMac329 New Member

    Bumping back for you Doxy!
  7. doxygirl

    doxygirl New Member

    Landon is soooooooooooooooo cute!

    He looks a lot like you Kate!;)

    You are right he and Cohen are only a few weeks apart........Cohen was born Feb 23!

    I agree with you about my son's fiance not being there when the mom comes to pick up Cohen...........things are unsettled fact Iam the one who kept saying she should go in the office or leave when the mom was coming and she got upset and said she was not going to hide from her.

    Sure just made things worse!

    Landon sounds a lot like Cohen with his personality........they both are so easy going and always is such a pleasure being around babes like Landon and Cohen.

    I completly understand why you feel the way you do with your mom and you are absolutley correct "you must protect your son" even if it is your blood family! Who will protect him if you don't!?

    Babies are innocent a precious!......bad character and bad morals can harm them so my hat off to you Kate for protecting Landon and being the GREAT mom you are!

    Landon is a lucky little man to have a MOM like you:)

    I know that things will work out in my is just going to take time...........Iam a good person......and I have good, good morals so I know if Iam patient everything will be ok!

    Thanks for writing back to me Kate..........and thank you too for posting Landons picture!

    He is a doll! PLEASE give him a big hug from "Auntie Doxy"! LOL

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  8. KateMac329

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    Oh my goodness you have me in tears but not because you hurt my feelings or anything like that!

    I have really avoided replying to your posts because of my family situation and hearing the heartbreak you were going through, I just couldn't handle it. I know that is incredible selfish too. My words may not have been here on the board but my prayers were out there.

    For you to tell me that I am doing a good thing...I actually can't tell you what that means to me given the situation you are in.

    I know that the situations are drastically different in why you can't see Cohen verses my Mom seeing Landon but still the bottom line is the Grandma's are being kept from their first Grandson.

    So when it is put like that it makes any reason seem like a bad one even when you think you are validated.

    I think today of ALL days I am feeling very guilty because I found out that my Mom broke her foot. For some reason in my seriously screwed up head I have been thinking that I should call her and tell her that I am sorry she is hurt and take Landon to go see her.

    BUT her broken foot doesn't change anything! And I am glad that I didn't give in because later this afternoon I found out why she broke her foot.


    If that among a million other things doesn't tell her that she doesn't need to drink then I don't have faith in her sobriety.

    I am sorry to be going on like this. I know you have your own stress going on right now. It just meant a lot to me for you to say to me what you did.

    I know deep in my heart what I am doing is right but my family is not speaking to me because of my decision. My Sister and I are still talking but I don't really know why to be honest. We love each other very much but I don't think she understands why I don't want Landon to be around my Mom anymore then anyone else.

    I should have looked in your profile before I started typing to see if there was a new picture. The last one was so cute! LOL I liked the little pose they had him in. All propped up like that in his outfit.

    We had Landon's pictures made at four months too. I guess you are supposed to do it at 3, 6 and 9 but we were a month off. :) Oh well! LOL

    If I can get them scanned I will put one of those up because they are really cute.

    My husband's Grandparent's are coming this weekend so I am sure we will get some good pictures this weekend and I will have to post a new one.


    Thanks for your words. They really did mean a lot. Maybe more from you because of what you are going through.

  9. doxygirl

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    I can just tell you love your son and I am telling the truth when I say I trust you are doing "THE" right thing!

    Let me put it this way: If the judge tells me the only way Iam allowed to see Cohen is to stop taking the two vicoprofens a day that I need for my pain............then there is NO choice to be made!

    I love my grandson so much that I would live in PAIN ( stop taking my medicine) so that I could see him that is the honest TRUTH!

    I love him that much!

    So.............I do not understand why your mom can't try to stop drinking if Landon means that much to her......

    She is not making any choices to change the way things you must make choices in turn, that you probably truly wish you didn't have to.....I do NOT mean to judge your mom or be mean..........I simply understand your reasoning here!

    "Oh" and please don't feel guilty or bad or any of those things because you do not post to me...........I do understand.....what you are saying..........and it is "OK"!

    I do however want you to know that Iam here for "YOU" anytime you need me!

    Hugs to you sweetie
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