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    Hi Kay. I read your post in answer to Starla getting denied for her SSDI benefits. You spoke about Americans not getting their fair share and immigrants coming into this country and getting free medical help. I am not an immigrant, but it made me feel bad when I read that post. If I was an immigrant on this board I would be insulted. I am sure that each disability case is taken individually, and that the immigrant situation is a different ballgame entirely. I can certainly understand how you feel. I was brought up in New York and saw a lot of things I didn't like back in the 60's. And I still have thoughts like that sometimes. But I try to be open-minded and not think in such black-and-white terms anymore. I don't want to get in an argument with anyone here. We are going to be fighting a war overseas soon because people don't understand and tolerate each other. I am praying that something will happen that will open people's eyes and hearts and that war won't have to be fought!!!! A peaceful and heatlhy Christmas to you all!