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    I read your post about your not being able to find a lyme literate dr. in florida. I go to an infectious disease dr. who has an office in lakeland and clearwater and treats many lyme patients.hes helped alot of patients with lyme...I was only diognosed about 7 weeks ago so Im only beginning the process which will take a long time Im sure since Ive had it for probably a long time (chronic lyme). If you want his name go to my bio and send me an e-mail...hope you get some help of luck (we all need it) jan a.
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    I did e-mail you did you ever get it it was a while ago. I believe we do not live too fa if I have the right Jan. I am so lousy best word I can find right now. My insurance has 1 lousy lyme doc on it so they will not allow me to go out of Pinellas. I would like to go to Dr. Chichon. I also drive so little anymore due to illness. My primary will not talk about fm/cfids/lyme or any info I bring in. He is the only doc that accepts fm patients.

    I would have to pay for everything out of pocket and I have no real income right now. I had money once all depleated on not getting well,lol.

    Now I am just surviving but my assests do not allow me to get any extra help. Stuck between a rock and well you know.

    I do know who I need to go and see but since I have had this for so long treatment would be very long with them still guessing if this will even cure advanced lyme. I know working with the clinic and what I saw as far as people getting only better for short periods,after using all their savings. I do hope you can find get the correct treatment to help you. This sphirochete is very smart, at hiding and multiplying and using the treatment sometimes to do it.

    P.S. Right person,I do crafty stuff around my place when I can I take trash to treasure. I wish I could build a house though, Yeah right, now..... Hugggsssss
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    Im really sorry but I dont remember getting an e-mail from you...mabe its brain fog....Ive gottem e-mail from klutzo but thats the only one in pinellas I remember...anyway, I live in safety harbor and go to dr. reifsnyder...your right its expensive...he dosent take have to pay up front and file yourself with your insurance...but when a person is so sick and needs help what can you do? your right its an awful dilema.... you have to go to an infectious disease specialist for internist dosent have a husband and I have sold so many things to help pay bills...we are in terrible debt but we are at the mercy of our heath care....please e-mail me again if you want to talk...Im a big time craft person...gets your mind off your misery when your able to do it...take care..jan
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    Klutzo here. I've known "kerrrymygirl" for many years. I met her when she used to come to my support group. You will enjoy communicating with her. She is smart and has a great sense of humor. I hope you can give each other support in dealing with the Lyme problem.
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    that was a nice thing to say about kerrymygirl....she seems very nice...only problem is I dont have her e-mail so its up to her to comunicate....hope you are doing well with all your problems....we are always finding new things to battle, isnt that just the truth? when does all this insanity end? you get one illness somewhat under control and bam another worse one takes over...well you take good care of yourself...hope you have been able to garden....jan a.
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    Gee thank you for the sweet reference. You are pretty sharp yourself.

    Jan, yes it was a while ago after 1 of your posts. I worked at clinic where Sally Marlow own`s, she worked with this doc. We spoke of me going there, I called and everything had to be paid up front. Plus his tests etc. were so expensive. I know a doc that I am friends with he helped at clinic. Now is out of practice, due to fm/spinal injusry. He was head of rheumatology at Johns Hopkins. The gal he is seeing now is a good friend of mine and goe`s to him.

    He diagnosed her with hhv6 and other things. Her bill was out of site. She still is not well. He put her on a very expensive treatment. She is now losing her home and bedridden half the time. Her doc,friend, is buying 1 for them to live in.

    I have spent so much and have vertially no income. I have only myself to rely on so just do not know where to go from here.

    Your doc is the 1 I spoke about on tv warning people about Lyme in fl. Plus the child and stinging and stabbing he had.

    Him and Dr. Cichon in Tampa are about the only ones. I really liked Cichon. He is on good doc list. Not accepting new patients, at Sally`s, his patients he sent to her because I gather he is ill, not accepting new pts.

    My insurance has a suppossed Lyme doc,but I heard he was horrid and not to go to him,not to waste my time or money.
    So that means my insurance will make me go to him and not accept any other docs, unless on list.

    I will try e-mailing you again. I go to Safety Harbour for consumer center. It is not far. Love their Seafood Fest.

    Thank You both so much for your kind words, and caring.