To Kerrymygirl - what a nice surprise!

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    I was reading one of your posts and saw a comment you made that made me think I know you (in person, not just on this Board) I read your profile. I wondered why it took me so darn long to notice!
    Back when I used to have enough emotional energy to actually talk to people on the phone, we used to talk fairly regularly, unless you have a double here in Cleawater, Florida, who has lived the exact same life as my old (and not forgotten) pal, Karen D****!
    I do wonder about your screen name, which I can't figure out from anything I know about you. If you are not Karen D**** please let me know, because your profile could have been written by her, and we are definitely in the Twilight Zone here!
    I don't even talk to my two closest friends over the phone anymore....I send e-mails! Isn't that awful? So far this year, I've gone out to lunch with a friend only twice, and my hubby and I have gone out to dinner with friends only once! I just have nothing left to give, but when I come here, I can pick my times and pick who I talk to and for how's so much easier on my frazzled nerves.
    We all value our anonimity here, which is why I used asteriks for most of your last name. I "called you out" just to let you know how very pleased I am that you finally managed to get yourself a computer and get online. I always thought that would help you immensely, since you always wanted to do research and know as much as possible about your illness. I'm glad to hear you are still truckin' along!
    I'm sure if you read my profile you'll figure out who I am too. I'm very glad to see you here!
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    Smarty pants, finally I figured it out soon after I signed on. I have missed our talks but I know what you said last time so I thought I would just keep your privacy. I did have some questions a few times and a male friend,now,I met at Hospice. I told him I was afraid he had fm. he doe`s and a host of other stuff. His sort of started like mine about the same time with tick,only Rocky Mountain. He claims I saved him in many ways. Not sure about that, his wife is not the most understanding. He did go to Sally, and Dr. Pollock,she will not help with disability though. You seem to help alot of people here with your intelligence,still miss our group. I go to Sucoast, rarely,they wanted me to take over the group or atleast co. Just to far, I have so many problems now beyond fm. Seems like this Lyme thing,Dr. Lev.,you know did me a true injustice,made things much worse do to his smugness,or ignorance. How is hubby sounds like he is not doing to well? I have been out very little,driving has been a major prob.,fatigue,+++++. I have thought of you quite often. So if you can or when call. I do understand. Hugggsss Take Care Yourself!
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    As you probably know by now, it's not a good idea to post your e-mail address here. Every snake-oil salesman on the net cruises support Boards looking for addresses.
    It would also be inappropriate for me to go on and on about my husband's sciatica and osteoarthritis, or how both his parents now have dementia (I'm sure you remember what a "gem" his father is, even without dementia!).
    This Board is supposed to be for medical stuff, not personal. So, what I will do is send an e-mail to Mikie at and tell her you can have my e-mail address. Then, if you want to contact me, you also send an e-mail to and ask her to give you my e-mail address, or to send me get the idea!
    I'm glad it did turn out to be you, or I would've been really embarrassed!
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    I wrote to Mikie so you can get my e-mail address if you want to. As I mentioned above, I do not do the phone anymore. I don't have the time or the energy.
    Hugs, Klutzo