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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ABLUV, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Hi Kim! I hope all the ecouragement sent to you from our friends on this site is comforting to you. This board is not only informative but compassionate; I appreciate that so much.

    I was wondering what you thought about my idea for "Happy Day". You can be honest with me if you thought it was lousy; I'm really curious to know if your psych would think
    about the idea. Maybe the two of you can discuss it and come up with an even better idea. Let me know, okay?

    With hope and love,
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    yes, thanks for those ideas!!! sorry, meant to say that earlier in the day. i am going to tell the psychotherapist about these kind responses from everyone today and tell him of yours especially!!!!!!!!!

    we do things together but most of it is non athletic on my part. today i took our neighbor's dog up to his school for a walk, met my son, brought him a flavored bottled water and then we walked all the way home. it was gorgeous out and it really did lift my spirits some. he was happy too.

    he had little league practice this eve. things seemed fine. he is very sensitive due to all he's lost in his 8 yrs. he is also very kind, polite, loving, funny...the list goes on!! ha!

    i also had a cute little card about 'hugs' waiting for him on the kitchen table when we returned.

    my brother (my only sibling) is very active in our lives. lives 5 min away and is the most wonderful person on this earth. he contributes so much to his Godchild on many levels. we love him to pieces! he does lots of sports stuff w/him, going to the movies when i work, bike riding.

    again, thanks for the ideas and i will be doing some of them soon. unfortunately, he does not like arts and crafts, coloring, shopping to name a few. we read together also. i do what i can but know there's room for more. the psych says he's very advanced so there's a multitude of things he has no interest in for his age group.

    the college here offers a 'college for kids' program in the summer. lots of programs/topics to choose from. i was reading them to him a few wks ago: the one that stopped him from saying "no, no thanks!" was an Egyptian week long study of mummies, pyramids, etc. for ages 8-12. he's 8 and believe me he'll love it. i also have to get him to day camp again this summer for at least a week....

    what sorts of things do you and yours do in the summer? camp? sports? vacations? tell me about YOU!

    you have a great eve!! i so appreciate you very much....


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