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    I read your posts about Pharmacists and Techs and I'm a little offended .I am a Pharmacy Technician with FM and we do our share .I work at least 40 hours a week,Sometimes I can barely get out of bed.Yes the Pharmacist know more then us but The Techs do alot usually filling the script from start to finish then the Pharmacist checks it and it goes to customer.Alot of Pharmacist do have attitudes but The techs usually are easy going and are there to serve the customer.So please give the techs the credit they deserve thanks Annetteg
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    Did not mean to demean the tech. They are the backbone of the operation and revered by any Rph's with half a brain. My statement was in the vein of "don't shoot the messenger"
    The Rph is there to take the responibility for everything that transpires in the pharmacy and therefore, I feel that since the decisions whether to fill or not on these out of the ordinary quantites and doses should fall on their shoulders and that the techs should not have to be involved in such matters as to what is too much. The liabilty factor is theirs and theirs alone, as are any angry and unsatisfied customer recriminations. I was a tech long before I was a pharmacist and I could not even function in the pharmacy without the top-notch techs that work with me. My place of employment shall remain undiclosed, but I can tell you that instead of raises this year, many of us would like our techs to be compensated for what they are worth to keep the trained, good techs with the company and hire more techs to lighten everybody's load. We filled 200 scripts today with no trained tech and no pharmacist overlap. A new girl who has no training or experience showed up to fill out paperwork and she was snapped up and thrown into the fray, ice cold because we needed that pair of hands. And like us, she worked through all breaks,lunches and potty times and stayed over an hour because she felt so bad leaving me with such a mess. This gal has got what it takes and she's going to be a winner.

    While on the subject, pharmacists are not just an extention of the physicans. We have a responsility to use professional judgement regarding any scripts presented and must do this because we too can be held liable in drug abuse fatalites. Again, my experience shows me that too many pharmacists like to play policeman and consider all control patients as abusers, but I have done my part in reminding my co-workers that I too am a chronic pain patient and readily make my drug profile acessable for their scrutiny and ask them if they feel that I had ever presented myself to work in a state of drug-induced delirium. I'm on the same side that you are on, but feel that you are not compensated to take on the struggle when a dissatified customer is trying to get larger than average quantities of controls with greater than normal and sometimes even "unsafe" directions. It's all CYA. I agree that any such instances should be referred to higher authority up the chain of command, but I am sure that you are aware of the number of seekers that pharmacies deal with every day as well as those who are silent partners with the physician and just add a line here and there to up the quantities that are really ordered by the physician.
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