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    Hi Klutzo!!!! I saw your PS to me about heart pauses. Yes, I have had MANY tests done on my heart. I had an echocardiogram when I was 16 and another just in 2002, both were normal. I can't remember if I drank a lot of water at the time of the tests. I also had a stress test and I had to wear a 24 hour holter monitor in addition to numerous EKG's. All my tests were normal, (surprise surprise). But, I too, have often wondered about mitral valve prolapse and have asked my doctors about this, they kept telling me they don't hear a clicking sound and my tests are fine. For now, I don't want to worry too much about it since it seems to have improved over the years by making some changes. I thank you for responding and value your opinion a lot. Thanks, Klutzo. Take care, Hugs Chelz.
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    What you've been told is EXACTLY what I heard over and over from my regular docs and no less than three Cardiologists. For 12 yrs. I listened to that and believed it. Then it finally got bad enough that I tried a fourth Cardiologist in desperation. By this time, I had read about making sure I did not drink much, and this time it showed up on the Echocardiogram.
    I urge you to do a websearch and read up on Mitral Valve Prolapse Syndrome. Do not leave out the word "syndrome" as it makes all the difference. Fibro patients can have the syndrome way before the symptom of a visible MVP shows up. The MVP is just a marker for a wide-reaching dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system.
    I don't want you to worry either! But, I also don't want you to get worse like I did, when you can benefit from what I went through. Believe me, if you think fibro pain is bad, just wait until you start having panic attacks due to MVPS....I'll take the pain any day! From what I've read, 40% of those with MVPS eventually develop panic problems, so there is a 60% chance this will not happen to you. Still, that's a big enough risk factor to learn all yo can about it, how to recogize it, and hopefully, how to head it off at the pass.
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