to klutzo...we are neighbors!

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    dear klutzo, I read your post reply that said you live in clearwater near sunset point rd.
    I live in safety harbor near phillipe park... what a small world...I hated it here for years because I could not get used to the climate(missed mountains and seasons) and I know what you mean about people being different...its hard to get used to people in a different area when you are used to the way everyone was where you grew up...I felt the out of place...but now so many people have moved here from up north I feel more at home and dont miss the cold....when october hits and its still hot I get homesick thinking about the fall leaves and cooler temperatures but thats about all. when we came here it was orange groves and horses and cows in pastures around us but now it is all homes....really changed...I know that for me the humidity is really uncomfortable but when a cold front comes theough and the air gets very dry my allergies are awful so the humid air must help...I also feel better in the heat and humidity like some others do....feel free to e-mail me if you would like, my address is in my profile....take care and hope you can find happiness jan a.
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    I used to drive right by Phillipe Park on my way home from work before I got sick. Small world. I am glad you have gotten used to being here. My next door neighbor, who is also my brother-in-law, planted a row of Chinese Tallow trees,which all turn orange in fall and hold it all the way to February. It's great to look out and see all that color that reminds me of home.
    I agree that though the humidity is miserable, it does seem to make me feel better too. One time our A/C went out in the middle of August and it was a whole week before the repair folks could get to us. I was dripping and unable to sleep, but despite all that, I was able to cut my pain meds by 2/3 during that week! The weather here is like a great big heating pad, I guess.
    I'll look up your address and send you an e-mail sometime.