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    Hi. You were asking in another post about anti-perspirants. I use one from a company called Jason Natural Cosmetics. I buy it at my health food store. They come in different scents - this one is Aloe Vera Gel. They are natural deodorants and have no aluminum in them. The back of the tube says "Longer lasting protection without alcohol or irritating chemical bactericide. A natural deodorant that combines age-old botanical secrets from flowers, plants, vegetables and herbs". Hope this helps!

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    Thank you. I was asking about deodorants under a post about Guaifenesin, however, because you cannot use any products with plant extracts, like aloe, while taking Guai. Regular anti-perspirants almost all have castor oil. The natural ones you descibe are even worse. I've had to get rid of all my natural stuff and get synthetic substitutes. You cannot even take the natural form of vitamin E while on the Guai. I have used Jason products in the past, but will steer clear of them while on the Guai. Of course, if the Guai works for me, that will be for the rest of my life.
    But, thanks anyway for taking the time to post.
    Bless you,