To ladydragon--yes I am from North Carolina

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    There are a lot of us here from all over the Carolinas. I live in Greensboro.

    My first surgery on my knee was meniscus repair on medial and lateral meninsc. Went to get my stitches out and they found a peice of "unknown origin" of what lookedlike fibro optic wire in my leg. sooooooo-they had to go back in and irrigate to assure that there was no infection. I was doing physical therapy and was not getting better because my ACL was causing so much shifting I could not control swelling and kept locking up. so after 3 months of rehad bent for second opinion and they repaired my ACL which ended up being totally severed.

    I am an ultrasound technologist which involves a lot of pushing the machine around, lifting patients etc. so I have a while before I can look for work again. Unfortunately I lost my job at the hospital I was at because I had no FMLA left due to back surgery dec of 2001. Before my back surgery I too was in good shape-working on getting that back slowly with working on my uppers while rehabbing my leg.

    I am working at getting myself back in shape. for years with the fibro I lifted also and did well until I had severe osteoarthritis set in. I have been on ms contin(time released morphine) for quite sometime for my back and now on oxycodone for my knee, trying to wean off. I have to study for my boards and the oxycodone on top of fog makes studying physics a b%$#%-if you know what I mean.

    Where are you in North Carolina? I have been very withdrawn for months now with all the surgeries and meds I am tired alot and it is a full time job to take care of my rehab and the kids.

    I am 43 and have two kids 14 and 9. My husband is a CT technologist and works contract work out of town to cover both our salaries right now. He has been home taking care of me and just left yesterday and I am feeling a bit scared today about taking on the shopping etc. He will be home every two weekends to help out. Right now it is the electric wheelchair and the kids in the grocery store--great fun! I still cannot walk around too much with out a lot of pain and swelling.

    Tell me about yourself if you'd like. Thanks for responding to my post

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    but my email address is free to write me I would enjoy talking to you.

    dito on catching everything which comes within 50 feet of you LOL