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    laura , when you gave your answer to the post about sleepiness, it was just like i was writing it! i thought it was the morphine and lyrica and all the meds. i have been doing the exact same thing even burning up every pair of pj's and robes that i have . including rugs, chairs, you name it. i have been doing this for a year and a half. but am scared to tell the dr. because if he takes away anything that helps my PAIN i will go insane. i cannot bear the pain. i dont kow what to do . there is no warning, i dont even get sleepy. it is just like i have someone hit me from behind, and i am gone---OUT! maybe you could respond to me as i have so many things wrong and i just hate to put them all on the board. i would sound like i was crazy, plus , it would take all night. i dont know how the moderators let us correspond, do you? because i want to keep all of the rules. i just dont want to put it ALL out there yet. i am fairly new here too. maybe a month. soft hugs, karen (ski)
  2. ...we don't have much left that we don't talk about here, for some of us, others, are not comfortable enough, and that's ok too, share what you want, and also, I've been 'forced' to share more than I had really wanted to at times.. due to the fact I desperately needed help with the issue(s).

    The moderators do not allow exchange of e-mail addresses, in any way shape or form.. some chat in the chat room.. I have not been to it, in all the years i've been a member (6? yrs or so... my profile says different, because, we'd gotten a new computer, I lost my password, etc.. had 2 change username- which, btw, is also a no-no... I didn't know, until I got an e-mail telling me so, but, I had to get back on here somehow.)

    I can tell you about me, even if you're not comfortable telling 'all' about you yet.. that's totally fine..

    As I said..(I've suffered insomnia now, for years, unfortunately.. :-( I've been put on Lunesta, Ambien CR, Melatonin, tried EVERYTHING over the counter for sleep.. etc.. but NEVER EVER did I have anything like I did on the Morphine.. and like I said... it finally dawned on my zombied out mind... 1- not sleeping...hardly EVER... 2 my stomach (due to not following my STRICT Celiac's disease diet, and also, not being able to eat enough food to coat my stomach with all these meds!!! and then the (3) dangers, from the 'narcolepsy' I truly did have on the morphine... and at times* I would take over TWENTY laxatives- dulcolax, senekot (nasty stuff- cramping, sweating, etc!) and even adding ex-lax, or some other laxative as well... 18-27 pills a day, for several days, with NO result!

    I realized...when my doctors were asking me, about my bowels- that, I literally was only having 3-5 bowel movements a MONTH! NOTTTT GOOD!!!

    Anyways, the pain meds etc, that I've been on, are Ultram, Lortab, Norco, Percocet, very very brief trial of Darvocet (what a JOKE!), and since I've been at the pain clinic, (almost a yr & a half) I have tried Dilaudid (stomach pain, bloating, NO relief, and more problems!), then...?? I think* the MSContin, MSIR, Lyrica, Ambien, etc.. THEN Fentanyl patches, because, my stomach was TORE UP, and, due to anti-convulsants (been on them for yrs, due to a nerve condition in my face, called trigeminal neuralgia, which I'm told, is from MS..(dx'd multiple times, but, by 3 docs in 1 day at a major hospital, and IN WRITING, the 1st time, to my knowledge, 5-6-04) my liver & pancreas enzymes were also high..

    I quit Lyrica (a whole different nightmare!) and also my Topamax (that too..caused so many horrific problems, I kept getting told were just neuropathy, fibro, was the MED!) and my liver enzymes...are better..

    I take 12mgs of Gabitril..not so great, but, neuro will increase if needed again.. he tells me it's not a great tx for my facial nerve condition, but, I'm "past the first line(s) drugs of treatment..." (and had a severely botched surgery!!! which then lead to TWO 'gamma knife procedures' within 5 months of each other... (radiation treatments, aimed directly at the nerve to 'burn' it/scar it, & control that massive pain..)

    Anyways, I'm rambling here, I gave up on sleep about an hr & a half ago, and so, I've not slept since sometime yesterday mid-morning..

    But, wanted to give you an idea of the other pain medications I've been on, and I'm on 20mgs of Oxycontin (generic) twice a day, with Norco 7.5mgs up to 4 x's a day for breakthrough pain (cant take it though, hardly ever! Due, to.. my digestive problems..again.)

    And, as I said earlier, I've NEVER had such uncontrollable.....blackouts! is all I can call them..or narcoleptic episodes.. from ANY of my other meds.. regardless of how many MONTHS Ive gone with only sleeping 1-3 hrs a day/night...etc I still never just went 'out' literally as if someone had just flipped the light switch, no warning... like I did on MSContin.

    I've still not found even 'decent' pain control, and sometimes wonder if I'm only managing to further tear my guts up, and that's it...but, am also afraid that the medication is actually bringing me DOWN to a 10 on the pain scale (sometimes maybe* a 6-8 in warmer spring weather) and that if stopped... I may rise to a 15 or so! EEK.

    I'll try to re-read your post again later...and try making more sense...I have no problems answering any questions in regards to my own self, my illnesses, medications, past & present, or anything else you may be curious about, especially if it helps anyone.

    Take care,