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    Hi Laura, how are you today? I hope you're not suffering too badly.

    I came across a post you wrote 3/10/06 that says you take Neurontin with Elavil or Cymbalta. I am considering this combo and would like to know more about it.

    Did you gain weight with these meds? Did you have migraines with Neurontin? Do you have seizure-like symptoms?

    Your feedback will be so helpful.

    God bless,
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    Yes, I take both Elavil and Neurontin. I wish I could handle the Cymbalta but it makes me too jittery and caused insomnia. You have to titrate up with Neurontin and start very slowly. For me, I am on a low dose of 800 mg. I take 500 at night and 300 in the morning. I take 50 mg. of elavil in the evening also. It helps me sleep well most of the time.

    I never had migraines or any seizure symptoms. The only dis-advantage for me is the tendency for fatigue on these two meds. But, we all react so differently.

    I also started 10 mg. of Cortisol given by an FFC doctor in Nov. and that has helped me quite a bit with pain too.

    I hope some of this info is helpful for you. It all seems to be trial and error with all of these meds!

    Good luck -


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