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    I understand what you're saying in my "Don't Know What To Do," post but dignity is just as much a part of my health as anything else.

    In life, you have to know when to back down and when to fight. In this instace, I NEED to fight because this involves my self-esteem and my dignity (not to mention my money and my health insurance). Nothing depresses me more than when someone decides to go on a power trip on me, and I sit there and play dead -- not defending myself. These people think they have the power to choose what my health options are...and they have the audacity to do this when they haven't even educated themselves as to what the illness is. Not to mention that they don't know what the law states, even though they're in management positions. It's like my mother always said, "You never allow anyone to take your dignity from you." I don't ever allow anyone to have control over my body...or any other aspect of my life for that matter. I already have to kow-tow to this illness. I'm not going to do so to for an ignoramous.

    I let a lot of things slide in this situation because I wasn't healthy enough to handle them. If I went with my original instinct, I would gone post haste to an attorney a long time ago. This would have caused more stress, made an awkward working environment more awkward if not hostile, and thus made me sicker. I am attempting to handle this sitation as diplomatically as I can, but there isn't anything anywhere that says I have to let myself be a doormat just because I'm sick.
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    Dear Newswoman,

    I couldn't agree more. I finally reached a point in my life where who I am became more important than putting up with abusive bosses. I told one boss he was an emotional bully and got fired for it. I didn't bother to appeal because it wasn't worth it. Why would I want to work for him anyway?

    I did find another job and I never looked back.

    If others don't agree, that's okey dokey. We each have to follow our own path. As far as I'm concerned, you just keep on truckin' down that path of yours.

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    ...pushing this up so that lauralea can see it.