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    In doing a search here on B12 injections, I noticed that you've had success with the b12 injections, and I have some questions. I requested them from my rheumatologist today, and he said, "There's no evidence that they help, so there's no reason for you to have them." Research I've done says otherwise, so now I'm awaiting a return call from my family doctor, hoping he'll cooperate.
    Anyway, would you recommend 1/2 cc every other day?
    I suppose the nurses where I work can teach me how to inject myself. Do you suggest injecting in the hip instead of the arm?
    Is there anything else I need to suggest to the doctor re: this, such as asking for 1,000 or so mcg per shot?
    Thank you for all your helpful information on this site!
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    my family doc said the exact same thing to me and wouldnt give me the b-12 so i just ordered some off the internet..i can give u the website if u want
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    Just bumping in hopes Laying Low will read.