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    Hi there. Viewed your post re Elavil and restless legs and I just wanted you to know that you are not the only one that this has happened to. It also too me a long time to figure it out, but I took Elavil for about a year and a half and it was great for sleep until I developed restless legs syndrome and also it progressed to other areas in my body until I thought I would lose my mind. Finally figured it out as the Elavil thru a lot of research on the internet and I stopped taking it cold turkey which was terrible. I have stuggled with sleep ever since and the pain increased dramatically, but the RLS went away right away. It is a terrible feeling isn't it. Others should know about this so that don't have to take so long to figure it out.

    My Best to You - Schnoodle
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    Absolutely---the results of the elavil were horrendous! Not only did I have the restless legs, but my arms felt exactly the same way, too! It actually progressed to jerking of the arms and legs, and I had a week with my trunk, neck, and head jerking before it finally dawned on me, that it was the elavil---the symptoms began about 1 1/2 hrs after I took my bedtime dose. With the jerking came severe muscle fatigue and pain from the constant involuntary, and repetitive stimulation of these muscles and nerves--I was miserable.

    Nice to know, and be validated that I am not the only one who has had this side effect from the elavil. It was doing nothing for my sleep, anyway---but that side effect was wild!

    I think it probably has a greater chance of this side-effect for those of us that have alot of neural involvement anyway. I take klonopin now for many of my neural symptoms, which manages them very well. I just recently quit taking the klonopin at bedtime for sleep, as I kept having to increase my doseage due to tolerance. I do use it as needed for neurological symptoms, pain included, occassionally during the day. I now am taking ambien, and sleeping better than I have in a long time. I am sure in the future this will have to be changed, as I build up tolerances very quickly, and am not sensitive to drugs like many with these DD's, but require larger dosages, and hit max dosing very soon.
    Is your doc willing to prescribe pain meds? I take tramadol, and then vicodin for break through, or during bad days.

    Thanks for your confirmation---yes, if I was one of those who were suffering restless leg syndrome.....and on elavil, I would definitely check to see if this was a cause.

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks for your info. I was taking Konopin also for sleep, but just like you I was building up a tolerance and it really didn't seem like it was helping. I started taking Xanex for sleep and once I stopped taking Ultram or Ultracet past 3 in the afternoon I was able to sleep. Found out the Ultram was keeping me awake. But now I have a big pain problem at night. Went to a pain managment place and they want me to take Neurontin and Effexor. I started the Neurontin (very low dose) and it has helped a little. Just started the Effexor today so I am not sure. I have been afraid to start new meds because of side affects so I am taking it real slow. I have to try these meds before the pain managment doc will let me have anything else for pain. It's wierd how I was able to take the Elavil for a long time before the RLS began. It did help me greatly for sleep when I was able to take it. I tried Trazodone and had the same experience. Best to you - Schnoodle.
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    Sounds as if we have many similar reactions. Tramadol/Ultram does the same to me---it actually makes me feel as if I have taken amphetamines, and if I take late in the day will keep me up all night.

    The new combination you are on sounds like a good one. I see the point in managing the sleep issues prior to dosing with pain meds. After all it is the lack of restorative sleep which can greatly contribute to the viscious pain cycle. If the pain is not relieved with better sleep then I am all for pulling out the bigger guns, to manage pain.

    Hope this combo works for you an your sleep and pain are improved!
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    Isn't it strange what a comfort it is to be validated on these issues. When you told me about the same reaction to Ultram it made me feel better. My doctor told me that it wasn't Ultram. Then I saw a top Fibro/Lupus doc in Beverly Hills area and he said the same thing. It makes me mad because I was struggling so with sleep. I was taking quite a bit of Ultram at bedtime and during the night for pain and then staying up all night and losing my mind. Doctors need to be informed. Especially fibro doctors.