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    I was responding to your post about why I left the FFC. It turned into a long story so I decided to start a new post and not bore the other folks with my tale of woes.

    Here it is:
    At the 2nd visit (11/01), Dr. B put me on hormones. I am a 2 time breast cancer survivor and I was leary but she assured me that the bio-identical hormones were safe.

    By the end of November my fatigue was so bad I had to go out on disability. I saw Dr. B again on 12/1 and complained about how my fatigue took a nose dive. She upped my cortisol to 10mg and left everything else as is. She also gave me a comprehensive stool test to take to look for yeast and parasites. It was for 3 days and I sent it in on 12/6.

    On the morning of 12/1 I woke up with shooting pains in my breast (I only have 1 left, he-he). I didn't think to mention the shooting pains to Dr. B because I wasn't putting 2 and 2 together (hormones and shooting pains).

    On the drive back home from the FFC I called my PCP and asked if she wanted to see me, order a mammogram or refer me to the surgeon. She ordered a mammogram and an ultrasound for 12/13. I couldn't get in any sooner because the mammo dept was booked the next week and closed on that Friday cause they were moving to the new wing of the hospital.

    Ok, so I now have 12 days to fret over this. I spoke with the ITC several times because I became very concerned over Dr. B prescribing the hormones. The pharmacist said the estrogen was safer than the synthetic but I needed to be monitored closely. That was the day before my mammogram.

    I go for the mammogram and ultrasound....the radiologist came in and said they were benign cysts but wanted to know about the bio-identical hormones that I put on my questionnaire. I told her about them and she said I should never, never, ever take any estrogen!!

    I told her I knew I couldn't take HRT's because of the estrogen but that supposedly the bio-identicals were different. She is a regular MD and not all that familiar with the bio-identical hormones so she told me I needed to confess to my PCP about going to the FFC.

    (Sorry, this is turning out to be a long story)

    That night (the 13th) I did not take the 2 hormones at bed time. The next morning I went over my blood work with a fine tooth comb and read every supplements side effects. The pregnenolone could increase estrogen. At that point I decided to quit pregnenolone and the other 2 hormones that I took in the mornings. By the afternoon of the 14th I could tell my fatigue was lifting.

    On the 15th I started doing bio-cleanses at a local wellness center. The water was totally disgusting. I had yeast, mucus, mold and heavy metals. The next day I started doing colonics. At this point all I could think about was to get all of this crap out of me!! After several colonics I couldn't wait to get the results of my stool test to see what all was inside of me.

    I saw my PCP on the afternoon of the 21st. I've been with her for almost 10 years. I took all of my supplements with me so I could show her and I also took my blood work results.

    She was not very receptive. When I told her I had candida yeast she said everybody does. When I told her the FFC was going to test for viruses she said everybody has EBV. I could tell this was going no where even though I have complained to her at every visit about my fatigue. She did tell me about a doc in the practice who had started some type of new treatment. She didn't know what it was or anything about it.

    A couple of days later her office called me and said my PCP had talked with the other doc and he felt he could help me. I made an appointment for 1/9.

    My 4th visit to the FFC was on 1/4. I told Dr. B what happened and that I stopped taking all of the hormones. She really didn't say too much. She decided to switch me to the Maitaki (sp?) supplement and said she would see me in a month. We agreed I would go back on the cortisol.

    My stool test came back with no yeast and no parasites. I told her that was strange since I had been doing colonics and saw the yeast and parasites and 1 worm go down the drain. All she said was the samples I sent in didn't have them.

    I continued to do the bio-cleanses and colonics until 12/21 and then left for Florida for the holidays. After each treatment I felt good knowing I was ridding my body of this junk. I started them again on 12/31 until 1/6.

    The nurse with MetLife (who is handling my disability) called me on the 6th to see how my appt went with the FFC. Oh my....did I ever spill my guts!! I was scared to but I felt I could vent to her. It's not every day we can talk to somebody about these DD's and have them understand.

    On 1/9 I went to the new doc. He uses Field Control Therapy (FCT). His goal is to rid my body of toxins. He uses bioresonance testing. I gave him a copy of my bloodwork from the FFC. He said he didn't need it but I told him I wanted it in my file.

    The testing took about an hour. He told me that I had adrenal burnout, 1 parasite, residuals from my MMR and DTP shots, something going on in my mammary gland (which didn't surprise me after the fiasco with hormones), lower back pain and some other things that I don't remember.

    Dopey me forgot to take paper to write notes on...thanks to fibrofog!! Oh yeah, I left there with 23 bottles of homeopathic remedies and 3 supplements AND it only cost me $60. Since he is in my network my co-pay is $10 and the supplements were $50. That was really nice after all of the money I had spent at the FFC.

    The next morning I started his protocol. For the next 4 days I had to remain electro magnetic field (EMF) free. That means no tv, no computer, no telephone (except speakerphone), no cell phone, no fluorescent lights and no driving. In other words...anything that uses electricity. I made it almost 3 1/2 days before I had to drive to take my daughter to a soccer game.

    Luckily my son had a battery operated alarm clock. The protocol was on a schedule and I had to set the alarm for every 6 hours or every 4 hours to take the next remedy.

    I also had to go on the candida diet. I was sort of doing it anyway but now I had to try better. Publix sells a lot of organic vegetables.

    I go back Monday, 1/23, for another bioresonance testing. The doc says it's like peeling an onion...1 layer at a time. After each testing the protocol can change depending on what issue is more prevalent than the others.


    PS: Sorry this ended up being a book but this episode is something that consumed a lot of my time, energy and emotions.

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    Thank you so much auntyem! I happen to like details and long stories, so if you desire to do so, please continue to keep us updated. Helps to get it all out too, doesn't it?

    What a scare! Sounds like you are on the right path now.

    Love, **LdyM
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    I didn't realize how long my post was until I was scrolling down to read your reply : )

    Yes, it was good to get it out. Thanks for listening.

    I will keep you updated.

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    I'll be following, as well as keeping a good thought for you auntyem!

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    I too am feeling worse with FFC. I have never been so depressed or exhausted and I just want to die. How could I get my dad to spend SO much money for me, and have this turn into a stupid disaster?
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    Thanks for posting your experiences. It helps the rest of us going through the indecisions of treatments.

    It is a difficult process to know who to trust as every physician seems to give a different opinion.

    Here is to your credit to finding what works best for your body.

    Was it tough to avoid the EMFs?
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    How could you? It was easy so please don't beat yourself up over this!!

    I researched the FFC before I went and I gave it my heart, soul and money. Of course, it was money I didn't have but I've been sick for so long that of course I did all that I could to be able to go to the FFC.

    I know the FFC has helped lots of people on this board and I'm happy for them. The FFC just didn't work out for me. Sometimes I wonder if I had the shooting pains in my breast for a reason. Like my Guardian Angel was trying to tell me something.

    Had I not gone to my PCP to let her know I was going to the FFC, I wouldn't have found out as soon about the doc who uses bioresonance testing and homeopathic remedies. Tomorrow is my 2nd appt so it's too early to tell anything.

    How long have you been going to the FFC and what all have they been able to do?

    There is a book titled 'Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Environmental Illness by Burton Goldberg. I bought it back in 2001 and some of it does make sense. It's another alternative treatment but I was unable to find a doc in 2001 to work with.

    My doctor has a website drdaveou dot com. Go give it a look. His articles are very interesting.

    Keep me posted,
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    The decision for treatment is an individual one, as we all know. At the time I chose to go to the FFC, I felt I was at the last straw.

    The FFC has helped lots of people but I think with my cancer history that their treatments were not for me.

    You are right about finding a doc we feel is knowledgeable and that we can trust. My doc has a website with some very interesting articles. drdaveou dot com

    On average his patients are to avoid EMF's for 2 - 3 days. But since I am not the average patient he asked me to go 4 days.

    Honestly it wasn't too hard but very boring. My kids are 16 and 20 so the 20 year old did all of my running around if I needed something.

    I started on Tuesday (1/9) morning at 11:00am. (I had a lot of phone calls to make before 'quarantining' myself.)
    I pretty much stayed in my bedroon. I unplugged the tv, alarm clock, lamp, moved the cordless phone to a spare room and removed my heated mattress pad.

    When microwaving my morning oatmeal I stepped out into the hall. I made it until Friday afternoon about 4:30 when I took my son to work and my daughter to her soccer game.

    I posted about this on another thread. I'll bump it as soon as I send this. I went into more detail on it. It's titled 'Field Control Therapy'.

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    I too did my research before going, and felt it was my only option, after working with several "high up" doctors and alternative people and getting very little help, until they couldn't take me any further. And then I read somewhere that half the people who get CFS either stay as sick or get worse (I had ALWAYS been told by docs they could get me right again in a couple of months), and suddenly it felt like my whole life was at stake and I had to act. Researched until I couldn't research anymore. Expense no object, because their success rate is so good that it seemed like a sure thing to get me better.

    What are you doing now that is helping you? Where are you getting help, after using FFC?
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    I am now seeing an Internist in my medical group who went to New York City to be trained by the doctor who created Quantum Field Control Therapy.

    Today was my 2nd visit. He tests me at every visit and from those results he'll decide what homeopathic remedies he is going to give me.

    I have another thread titled 'Field Control Therapy'. I put my updates on it. I'll update it next with my visit of today so it will be bumped up.


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