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    Hi Lilibird - thanks for your reply. I have been following your updates with great interest over the weeks. That's interesting about the lyme - do you know what test Dr. W gave you for that? He has not said anything to me about lyme; I'll have to ask him next time about that.

    I keep a notepad where I write all my questions as I think of them to take to my next appointment to ask (given the brain fog, if I don't take them in writing, I'll only ask about half of them), but there is so much, like the lyme.

    Have you been tested for the hyper coagulation?

    Also, how have you been feeling on the hormones? Have you noticed improvement from them? And finally the BIG question, how would you say you are feeling overall?

    Doxy - I just had my 3rd appointment with Dr. Wightman, too (like Lilibird). You will really like him. He is a very kind and gentle soul who is easy to talk to. I am really glad to hear that you are going to be going to him. Keep us posted and let us know if you come up with any other questions.

    Big hugs
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    I do the same thing, keep a note pad with questions for my next appt. with Dr. W. I can't remember anything when I am on the phone with him.

    My hyper coagulation was good. Even my NK cell was good.

    Dr. W tested me for lyme on my first visit. It was Neg. I had a tick when I was about 12, even before lyme was found out. I had a really bad rash at the site of the tick. I also had a tick in the early 90's, I had a rash on the back of my legs that lasted a few months. I also had a positive lyme test in the mid 90's. The Dr. then told me not to worry because it wasn't very high, I dont even know what that is suppose to mean now. the early to mid 90's is when I first started to get sick. so, we are thinking that there is a good posibility that I have Lyme, so we are treating it.

    I can tell you that the Cumada and Samento is killing something. I have been sick to my stomach sense I started to take it, and today the glands in my neck are all swollen. I think I am having a mild herx. A good sign I keep telling myself.

    I do feel better on the hormones. I had very little PMS this past month. I am sleeping better. I am still fatigued. But am having allot less pain. Dr. W is changing my thyroid meds. I did gain about 10 lbs but have lost 4 of those. I'm not really very over weight so I keep telling myself not to worry about the extra weight, just get well for now. All in all I feel better.

    Take care

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