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  1. pumpkinpatch

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    How are you today? Is the pain still the same radiating down your thigh. I'm a little better today. Eyeballs aren't as sore!

    Are you on antibiotics or herbs? I can't remember. I still can't believe how similar we are. Hsve you had this fuzzy vision sore temples? My body is one stiff board. I read that the lymes cycles every 4-6 weeks so that's probably why we are starting to feel it now. What do you think?

    I know my immune system is stronger so that's really going to help with this process.

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    Good Morning,

    I'm glad your feeling a bit better. I wonder how long one will feel bad before starting to fell better. I know its a good sign when we herx, but still.

    I am on the herbs. I asked the Dr. why not antibiotics, he told me that the herbs work better to draw the lyme out of tissue (or where ever they may be hiding) than the ABX. I cann't find any really good info on the herbs, other than from the companies that sell them, so I really dont know if I am doing the right thing. I guess I am just putting trust in my Dr. from the FFC. He has not steared me in the wrong direction yet.

    I agree with you, we are very close in our DX. I have always known that I had something going on other than FM/CFS.

    I too feel a little better today. I slept really well last night. That always helps. I read somewhere that Lyme tends to cycle every four weeks or so in women because the lyme come out as our hormones drop close to our period.

    Speaking of that, I am on day 33 of my cycle and have not started my period yet. dont know whats up with that. But could be part of the reason I have not felt very good the last 10 days or so.

    My vision seems to be ok. My neck is sore on one side. Only to the touch though. I have major brain fog, I tried to cook dinner night before last and burnt 2 out of the three things I was cooking. And last night I was making gravy and a glaze for ham, I finished the gravy and set it aside. When I made the glaze I put half the ingrediance in the gravy.

    today I need to take one of my dogs to the vet. Looks like she has a yeast infection in her ears. She gets it every once in a while from alergies.

    We are going to foster one of the dogs from Katrina. My daughter works for a shelter and they are getting 70 dogs in tonight. If I am feeling up to it I am going to go help get them settled. Poor dogs must be so confused.

    I hope you have a good day,


  3. pumpkinpatch

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    My periods are all screwed up. I shouldn't even be getting them on the patch so have to talk to the Dr. about that.

    Yes lymes can really effect our sexual hormones, I guess it's a chain reaction all the way down the line.

    Maybe that's why my thyroid Reverse T3 was right off the charts. There's no way stress could cause it to be that high.

    Are you taking the cat's claw? I know that's good combining with the ab'x.

    That's great your able to help those animals. I saw on the T.V. that Matthew McConeghey was recusing some at a Pet shelter in the city.

    Nice to hear from you. We'll fight this together.


  4. lilbird

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    this together. Sometimes I don't really know if I'm getting better or not. I think it is because it is a very slow proscess. I have to really think back a few months to really tell a defference. One thing that is really prononced is that I have a better sense of well being and am allot more out going and friendly. Is that because I feel better in gereral???

    I am on Cats Claw, samento and burbur for detox. I think from my last Dr. appt. I got the impression that he will be putting me on ABX at some point. But because I have had lyme for soooo long the lyme is hiding and the ABX wont get to it. So the herbs will pull it out of my cells and fire up my immune system, then the ABX will work. I don't know that much about the herbs. I wish I could find better information on them. The only information I can find are from the companies that sell them. I don't trust that information very well.

    I started doing Human Growth Hormone, its a shot that I give myself everyday. It took me 3 weeks to get the nerve to do it. As it turns out, it is really easy. It doesn't even hurt and I think it is really making me feel better.

    Take care and I will talk to you soon,