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    I am wondering about the cortisol stuff. My old rheumy (that I fired), did a cortisol test on me. I guess it was borderline low, & he said we would go over the results when I saws him next. When I DID go in, he didn't even mention it. I brought it up, he said he had no record of it, & wanted to re-test me. (I don't think so ). He was just too lazy to go through my records to find it.
    I just saw a nw rheumy, & I go next week to get results of all my labs. He thinks I have rheumatoid arthritis, instead of OA like I've been told.
    Anyway, I have felt bad for a long time, exceptionally fatigued, slow heartrate & pulse, no sleep, having alot of "sleep paralysis attacks", where you are awake, but you are froze, you cannot move, open eyes, etc, even though you know you're awake. Very scary. I had 1 for the 1st time back when my daughter was like 3. that's been 22yrs ago. Now all of a sudden, I'm having them like almost nightly. Didn't know if that was another symptom of low cortisol. Also run a very low body temp. Normal for me is like 96.8. If I ever get up to "normal" of 98.6, I feel like I'm burning up. I also have very bad flushing spells, & I'm hot ALL the time. Are these anything like what you have had for symptoms? Thank you for answering if you can :)
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    I just got up and got your message. Sorry it took so long. I go to the FFC and I take a lot of stuff. This cortisol makes me feel more energy in the morning. I was low on cortisol and lots of others.

    I think you might need to get some blood work done. I also have to take thyroid, progesterone, adderall for energy, ambien cr,and pain meds for pain and lots of vitamins.

    I had to tell my rheumy to jump, because she couldn't help me with fatigue and not enough for pain.

    Where do you go, and had the diagnosis?

    I hope you get better