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    Hello Ladies,

    Thought i would take time to chime in tonight to say THANK YOU for your prayers for my grandson. This Dr told them his muscle on the inside of his left leg has not grown fast enough so it causes his bone in his knee---on the inside---to rub together. They are doing PT trying to strech it & gave him some medicine. Hopefully this will help correct his problem.

    To update you my sister was moved last Friday---while i was at my sons---to a rehab center. Going to see her this Friday she seems to be doing well.

    While i was away got to see grand-daughter perform in the Nutcracker. It was really nice all the performers were so good.

    Linda: how is things going with you? I saw a post where you said you were having a lot of rain. Hope everything is ok.

    Terri: how are thing at your house? Are all your family well? My son left this morning for Prudhoe,Bay. He got grounded yesterday & couldn't fly out so he's flying straight thru today. He will not return until Jan 2. Will you daughter & family get to visit you for Christmas? With all the ice did you have any?

    How has shopping gone for both of you? I had mine done weeks ago. Hope all is well with both of you. Our weather here in Va has been so warm it was in the high 60s today we have been getting some much needed rain.

    Until Later

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    Nice to hear from you, Shirley. I'm glad they have found out what was causing your grandson's pain and that they can do something for it.

    I love to see Nutcracker too- my girls both used to be in it, during their ballet days. Fond memories!

    My AK daughter and her family won't be able to come for Christmas- they are saving up for Baby #2 and will need an addition on their small log home. We'll have to be patient and wait for June, when we plan to go up and see them and the new little one.

    Hey Linda, have you tried zinc? I had a bad cough last week, and zinc nipped it in the bud. Really, it went away almost entirely after taking the zinc. I'm taking 30 mg. daily, to keep the bugs at bay.

    We have a band concert tonight that my boys are in, then tomorrow it's my piano student recital.....a busy time, for sure! I always look forward to the break at Christmas!

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    Just wanted to say a quick HELLO:

    Linda, hope you are feeling much better now. How is the weather there? Is your family all doing well? My husband & i have just had a lazy day today. It is turning cold here tonight with rain & very windy---tomorrow maybe some snow.

    Terri, sorry you can't see your daughter & family until June. I often go to the web cam in Fairbanks to see how much snow is there. I'm not a snow girl it hurt my FM to much. The shots i take does help my FM

    Went to visit my sister Thursday. They are making her get up & go to eat & do PT. The rehab where seem really good for her. She has her phone now & is able to call all of us now. Linda, does your Mom live in a retirement home?

    Hope you both have a great week-in.

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    Linda- just wondering- how long have you lived in Phoenix? I visited there once and, even in March, it was a hot place! I hope you are on the mend.

    Shirley- the only thing I miss about Alaska is my daughter and her family. I don't miss the 50 below temps that we experienced every winter or the snow shoveling! But this time of year I especially miss my family! It helps to have my mother in law here....she's easy to have around. Of course, she thinks she is a huge burden on everyone (she's not) because she needs help now and then, but we're glad to do it.

    All of the Christmas concerts are done- now we can practice our music for church. One of the twins will sing "Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming" which ought to be nice- he has a pretty unchanged voice. The other twin's voice has largely changed already, so he sounds a little froggy! But they each have their strengths.

    I hope you both have a blessed Christmas-
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    I should have written this before, but hesitated.....

    My son who works in the grocery was accused Friday of stealing. He had refilled his purchased soda cup the day after he had bought it, and it is only good for one day. He always had free soda at his other two jobs, so he thought he was doing the right thing. The boss called him in and said this was grounds for dismissal. He was in tears on the way home (I was driving) but he was allowed to write a statement explaining what had happened.....he is naive and unworldly......and it would be sent to the main office for consideration. We've been praying all weekend that he would be given a second chance and could keep his job. He enjoys working there. Today (Monday) we'll find out their decision. Please say a little prayer for him...he didn't realize what he did was wrong and no one had pointed it out to him. I'll keep you posted.....thanks, friends.

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    Terri, so sorry about your son---will pray God will under take on his behalf. I know it is very upsetting for you both & your family. I know the companys now don't think of you now as a person & don't take time to talk to their employees & get to know them. This is not something to send to the company. I worked in grocery & managment for 29yrs. I never heard of something like this. I worked with a lot of young people thru the yrs. sometimes it's like being a parent we have to sit down and explain things. I know your son did not know he had done anything wrong. When my sons got out of school my two youngest work in grocery. They night stocked for Kroger 1 9yrs & the other 2yrs before he passed away---he was going to college at the same time. So i understand how you & your son feels.

    Sorry to go on & on. I have a heart for children. God can do all things. Tell your son to hold his head up high things can be worked out.

    Linda, so glad you live close to your Mom. My Mom passed in 2002 she was 93 my Dad passed at 78. So i guess my sister is like a mom to me now she's the oldest girl & i'm the youngest.

    Hope you both have a wonderful & blessed Christmas. MY son will be in Alaska. So i guess my daughter-in-law & grand-children will be home if it's not bad. My oldest son is dating now she owns a Newspress in our town seems like thing are going well right now for him. He's trying to sell his home so he can move back close to where we live.

    You know ladies no matter how old they get they are still our babies & will always continue to be so. I love mine & I am very proud to be their Mother.

    It's very cold here is was 18 last night it will be colder tonight. We had about a 1/2inch of snow it rained first & then froze & then it snowed and became very slick.

    Prayers do work.

    Blessing From My House To Yours.

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    Well, he no longer works there. The boss called him in today and said he can't go against store policy....even if it was an honest mistake. But he gave him the option of resigning so it wouldn't look bad on his resume. And he can use the store as a reference- the manager, when asked why he left, will only say he left for personal reasons. So at least he has a chance. We're sad, but our son had a hard lesson in real life and he won't soon forget it.

    Sorry this letter is a downer, but now we can pray he'll find another job.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2008 be a great year.

    Might not have any time in the next few days. I prayed that both of your familys will be blessed thru the holidays.

    Don't know yet when my family will be here. My oldest son came to visit yesterday & brought me a Birthday Card---yes i turned 64 yesterday. Didn't do any celebration had to go to my MD yesterday for my regular 3mo check up & then went grocery shopping so my day was tiring. Want to try to visit my sister before Christmas. It takes me almost 2hr one way to see her now.

    A Merry Christmas From My House To Yours.

    Terri, hope all is well with your son. We don't know why things happen in life we can't see what God see ahead for our lives.

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    I hope you will be having some nice family time.....God bless you and yours this holiday.

    Linda- too bad your hubby has to work over the holidays.....does he have Christmas Day off?

    I still have presents to wrap, but my MIL and I will have a wrapping party tonight when the twins spend the night with a friend......easier with them gone! My boys are now almost as tall as me- where did the time go?

    My oldest son is doing OK. Every day he goes job hunting and nothing yet. I pray he'll find something soon, but it's so close to Christmas that I think most employers would wait until after the holidays. Even then, January can be a slow month. My husband is thinking the military, but I am heartsick at that thought. I don't want to send him away....he is so family oriented. We'll keep praying while he keeps looking.

    Have a merry Christmas and stay warm!
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    Shirley- how was your Christmas? I hope you had a wonderful time with the family that could be there. How is your grandson doing?

    We are fine here- except for a recent scare with my mother in law. She had such pain in her hip joint that she could barely walk. We finally took her to the ER and they said it was bursitis and arthritis, and to take a few more Tylenol. Not extra strength, though. She is getting a lot better now and is using a borrowed walker. It's called a Hugo and it is a nice walker.

    Linda- I hope you also had a nice Christmas and have some leftovers for today. I plan not to cook for at least today, then my mother in law says I won't be able to stand it. She thinks I cook all of the time. But I enjoy cooking for the family.

    Take care, both of you!
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    Couldn't sleep so thought i'd say hello. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday.

    Mine was interesting. My son came & brought his new girlfriend. We ate spent some time together.

    My daughter-in-law didn't come home with the kids. We are going to have Christmas with them next week when my son gets home.

    This has been a hard time for my husband me we really miss the kids. We are going to get together next week in.

    We've had beautiful weather here especially for the last week of Dec.

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    We went shopping yesterday with my MIL, and she is feeling so much better than she did a week ago.....Shirley, she had bursitis. She was barely able to walk. Now she could really go with that shopping cart! Sometimes I had trouble keeping up with her.....she was showing off, I think.

    My daughter leaves today for Portland.....she is attending a 5 day Christian conference. I think she's anxious to see her friends, whom she hasn't seen over break. She comes back on the 1st.

    My son hasn't had much luck with job hunting yet, so could you both say a prayer for him? Thanks- he needs help finding something.

    Take care,
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    Just thought i would log in for a minute. I am doing laundry & taking down my decorations & Christmas Tree. Since my grand-children didn't get to come home i took pictures to show them.

    Terri-my grandson is doing really good he is still taken PT for now(until the Ins won't pay for it)he is also on medication wich is helping him now. He's going back to school when their break is over. They had a good Christmas they had dinner with their church friends. Their friends from church are really good when my son is away. He called me Christmas morning he said is was -2 they were going out on a job. It was -44 one day last week so it's been very cold.

    Im glad your family had a nice Christmas. I was thinking that maybe God has a lot better job in store for your son(Will pray that way). I'm glad your MIL is doing better. When i took those shots a few weeks ago my Rhumey said my buris sack in my knees was why i was having trouble with my knees so he put shots in them.

    I saw a friend this past wk she told me her son was at the Army base in Fairbanks(he comes home in June). She know my son & family really well & was so suprise my son was working in Prudhoe Bay & that both of them has been up there a yr.

    It's raining here today we sure have had good weather most of the time so far it's rain.

    Linda-wanted to check in with you. Hope you had a good Christmas & enjoyed you family. How's the weather in Az? I get to have a second Christmas next wk when my son comes home. We spent Christmas Eve with my oldest son & his girlfriend & they had dinner with us. We had already met her a couple of times but this was her first time to come to our home.

    Got to finish cleaning before husband gets home. Until next time.

    God Bless