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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by alaska3355, Sep 29, 2007.

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    Time to start a new post.....

    I hope you are both having a nice weekend. I'm wishing I could see family more often, especially since my dad is in the hospital. They are considering removing his remaining big toe, since the ulcer had spread. He'll probably find out if he has surgery tomorrow. I've called him the last couple of days, and he sounds all doped up.....not like himself. He really hates the hospital, but it's not much fun for anyone, is it?

    My mom is holding up pretty well. She has physical therapy for one more week, then she's to do the exercises on her own. They have really helped her hip to feel better.

    My son is enjoying his job and worked overtime this week. My daughter in college now has two jobs and is attempting to work 40 hrs. a week plus go to school full time. I look for a crash in the near future.....she's still living at home, but would like to move when she can afford it.

    Today I'm making grape juice- some people gave me Concord grapes, so I'll get busy on that this afternoon.

    Take care,
  2. omeeomy

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    Haven't posted for a few days. Can't seen to get back on board. Sorry to hear you Dad is in the hospital. I know it makes you sad when you can't be with them.

    My husband & I visited my sister in the hospital today she will be there for some time. They have to let her hip heal from inside out now that they took out her hip replacement. She is also a diabetic to.

    My grandson is still very sick he can hardley walk. He is on homebound schooling for now. He goes back to Cincinnati Children Hospital Thursday this week. My daughter-in-law is very upset. Please keep him in your prayers.

    Where is your daughter going to college? What is her major?
    I know it's had to work & go to school to. My son did that & it payed off in the long run for him. I'm glad your son if doing good at his job. I guess you know it's beginning to snow in Alaska. My son said the ground is white where he's at. I know your daughter is not that far north. I guess it hasn't snowed there yet.

    Linda, wanted to say hello to you tonight. I guess it is cooling down there now. The last two nights 40 & under it seems so cool after it's been so warm. It's still so dry here.

    Keep my family in your prayers & i will yours.

    Gods Blessings From My House To Yours.

  3. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    My daughter is able to live at home and go to school, but I can't mention the name. She is an elementary ed major, which she likes a lot. I think that we'll always need good teachers.

    Sorry to hear that your grandson is still suffering....yes, I will keep him in my prayers. I'll let you know how my dad is doing, but I'll have to call to find out anything.

    Linda, how are you feeling? Is it cool enough yet for zucchini soup?

    Hugs, Terri
  4. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I think Dad will have surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) if they can get a room at the facility. He wasn't sure if he was losing his big toe or not, but he'd just as soon get it over with. If the doc doesn't take it off, he figures he'll be back in soon for another surgery. He is going crazy - in the hospital for a week, hooked up to IV antibiotics. I hope he gets to go home soon.

    We all have loved ones who are in the hospital or sick, it seems. I guess the 3 of us can pray for each other and that our loved ones get better soon.

    Not much else new...take care!
  5. omeeomy

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    Very tired and weary tonight. Still wanted to say hello. Just been talking to my daughter-in-law about my grand-son. He went back to Cincinnati to the DR. yesterday they don't know what to do for him. They say he doesn't have RA but can't say what he does have. Put him on more medicine he is crying so from pain in his knees & he can hardly walk. We really need God to heal him. So please help me pray.

    MY sister is still having a hard time. MY husband & I went to visit her Sunday. She seems to want to give up.I feel like she can be healed if she doesn't give up.

    I hope everything is going well with your famlies. Will be praying for them.

  6. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Please try to get some need to take care of yourself as well.

    My dad had his surgery yesterday and all went well. They took off the big toe plus some surrounding bone- now we're praying for healing. Since he is on prednisone, it interferes with healing and makes blood sugar out of whack. But he needs the prednisone or he erupts in blisters all over.....a vicious cycle.

    Linda- how is your husband doing?

  7. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    It's about 11:15 at night. Hubby gone to bed i'm tired just can't sleep yet.

    Terri, sorry about your Dad hope everything goes well for him & he heals fast.

    My sister is healing some but has a long ways to go. Shes taking a lot of heavy drugs. Today was the first time she didn't know me on the phone. It really hurts me but i know she needs the medicine.

    Grandson went back to hospital Tuesday in Cincinnati drs. still don't know whats going on with him. They ordered him a MRI to be done Monday at his hospital in Pikeville, KY. I talked to him today & for the first time in weeks he wasn't crying. They put him on Mobic.

    I look a few minutes ago it's 20 in Prudehoe, Bay. Son comes home Wed. he has been so worried about Jonathan.

    Linda, hope things are going well at your house & is doing well.

    The weather is great here.

    Until next time.


  8. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I just remembered that you have had a did it go? I hope it wasn't too bad. Of course, it's hard to feel modest in that situation. Anyway, I hope it went OK and all was well.

    Our jonagolds were finally ready to pick yesterday.....we picked 71 pounds of them! Most of them are just beautiful, but a few have "bird bites" in them. Guess they wanted to try them too! I'm going to juice some of the less beautiful ones and freeze the juice, then figure out what to do with the rest.

    Shirley, I'm praying for your family.
  9. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I am using my corer/peeler/slicer and making some of the apples into freezer pie filling. It works like a charm!

    Linda, I added your message to the To Do list post.......hope you get your energy back. I'm glad the colonoscopy went OK, it just was a bit much for you, it sounds like.

    Shirley- what's the news with your sister and your grandson? I'm praying for your family.

    Snow in Alaska now. My daughter and her family like it- good thing, because they already have 3 inches. We don't miss all that snow and cold, but we do miss them!

  10. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    Linda, glad you are feeling better. I'm due for mine but i'm going to wait for now.

    Grandson had a MRI yesterday don't know results yet. He's taking Mobic. I can't think straight right now.

    Sister is about the same. She's had so much pain medicine she didn't even didn't know my voice on the phone.

    Terri, my son is staying in Anchorage tonight. He usually flys all night but his flight is different this time. He's very worried about his son. He will get home Wednesday night.

    Pray all is well for your families.

    Blessings Shirley

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  11. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    Linda, how are you doing? You must be feeling pretty awful still, as we haven't seen you much this week. I'm sorry- I hope your allergies subside. Are you being treated for allergies? They can really cause a lot of fatigue, we found out. If the allergies can be controlled, your fatigue should lessen. I am on allergy shots, and it's great. I no longer suffer from allergies and my family has more trouble than I do. I highly recommend them.

    Shirley- how are your sister and grandson doing? I hope they can help both of them to improve soon. I know it must be hard for your son being up in Alaska and worrying about his son. All those miles in between make you feel helpless.

    One of the twins broke his toe last weekend, so he's out of soccer for awhile. I'm going to let him pass out treats at today's game.....he'll love that. Instant popularity!

  12. omeeomy

    omeeomy New Member

    To say hello. Been on the run so much lately. Took my neice to hospital yesterday to see her mom she didn't want to go by herself. My sister is very ill she is comming & going. She's on heavy pain medication & is taking blood again tonight. Neice going to take chemo agin starting the first of Nov. 1 each week for 4wks. She just had her 53rd birthday. She's battled this for 7yrs now. She's a minister & very upbeat person.

    MY brother from N.C. is meeting at the hospital tomorrow to be with her. He was there yesterday to see her to.

    My son is home now he's said the wind is so cold up there. My grand children were so happy to see him. My grandson had a MRI Tuesday. They thing he may have something torn behind his knee cap. He's was playing football when he got sick they are going to a orthopedic Dr Tuesday to see what he says.

    Terri, sorry your son broke his toe. Is this the same one thay broke his toe before? We have to let kids be kids & enjoy life. Hope your Dad & Mom & other children are all well.

    Linda, hope you are feeling a lot better. It's gone from summer to winter here very cold. Give us a hello & let us know how you are.

  13. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    No, it's not the same boy- it's the other twin. He had never broken anything so he thought he'd join the club! At least it isn't hurting him any more.

    Forgot to mention, my college daughter gave up one of her jobs, so she is a lot happier now. It was too much- trying to work 40 hours and go to school. She's going to cook a meal today.....she's working on her skills! Chicken divan.......

    Linda- I hope you are doing better. I'll say a little prayer for you (sounds like an old song!).

    Take care,
  14. alaska3355

    alaska3355 New Member

    I didn't really get to sample the chicken divan, because she took it to her youth meeting....but the sauce was good!

    Linda, I hope the fried green tomatoes turned out OK- when you said you had bought some, I figured that was your plan.

    Shirley- my granddaughter talked to me on the phone and asked if I wanted to come to her Unicorn Birthday party......I said, of course, I'd love to! I asked her how many horns does a unicorn have, and she said, "Only one." Smart kid!

    My son has been sick this weekend.....the recovering CFS son. I think he had too much pizza and maybe there was MSG in it. It wasn't my homemade pizza. MSG really brings him down. I think he's coming out of it now.

    Take care,

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