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    We had floated off the board, so I thought I'd start a new one....

    Linda, I'm sorry to hear of your uncle's passing. I'm also sorry that you couldn't go too- I understand. It can be horribly expensive to go last minute. Did your husband go on a bereavement fare? Anyway, I see on the other post that you are going ahead with Thanksgiving plans. I hope you can enjoy the day, even though hubby will be away. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Shirley- How are you doing? What are your Thanksgiving plans? I hope your grandson and sister are doing better. Take care of yourself too......

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    Haven't had much time lately. Good to hear from you.

    My son & his family just left this evening. They had had dinner with her family yesterday---Thanksgiving Day---we live in the same town so they came to my house last night & stayed until this evening. My son just got home Wed. night before mid-night so he's really tired.

    Grandson is on new medication Nuerotin it makes him very tired. He's going to another RA childrens Dr. in Louisville,Ky Dec 5th. His dad will be home to go with him this time. It was so good to have them home. Grand-daughter is full of herself as usual. She takes dance & they are going to perform in a couple of weeks.

    My sister is still in the hospital. I've been going to see her every Monday after going to Chemo with her daughter. Don't know whats going to happen.

    Linda---I hope your husband is back by now. It's verrrrry cold her in Va now. It snowed here a little last night but didn't last.

    Terri---I hope all your family is well & that your Thanksgiving was good. My son said it felt like a heat weave here compared to Alaska.

    Going to go to bed & rest some tonight we stayed up so late with the kids last night i have two computers & both of them were playing games.

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    Our Thanksgiving was pretty stress free for me- our friends' house looked lovely. They had little fall decorations around......cloth leaves even in the bathroom. I think the kids did that! There were 16 of us in all, and our kids enjoy their kids- even our older ones had fun. We brought two extras with us- one was a Chinese exchange student who is studying English. So she was interesting and this was her first Thanksgiving.

    I'm enjoying a calm weekend, but we have some cleaning before the relatives come on Wed......MIL and BIL. Probably hit that today!

    Have a good weekend!
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    Thanks, for asking about my oldest son. He's fine he's met a lady and is dating now. And we are happy for him. She owns her own local paper & some rental properties her parents left her. She has been divorced for 9yrs now. He had Thanksgiving with her and her family. That was ok with us. He seems to be happy.

    He's been trying to sell his home so he can move back closer to us. Which we would enjoy & he could see his brother & family more. He has now had 15 articles published.He loves to write.

    Hope you son is doing well. When my son passed away i realized they are our legacy & we need to love them unconditionaly. Sometimes in our eyes they may do things we don't like but we still can love them. It was Jonathan time to leave us & go home. Our time will come later on.

    Sorry im just going on.

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    Linda- i hope your hubby made it home safely. He can help eat the turkey now! Did he encounter any flight delays?

    Shirley- It's only natural to be missing your son this time of year....or any time. It is a blessing that we know we'll be reunited with our loved ones when it's our time. Have you read "Ninety Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper? It's his near death experience where he went to heaven and describes it in detail. He mentioned loved ones greeting him when he got there and how well they looked. I think the book is a comfort.

    Well, I have family to get ready for today- they'll come tomorrow around 4:00 and then we'll have turkey together. I'm anxious to see them both!

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    Hello Ladies, How are things going with you and your family. I had to go to my DR today my FM & arthritis is giving me a fit almost 3wks now. So my Rhumy gave a whole bunch of shots up the back of my neck. He put shots in my knees to.

    My Dr is across the street where my sister is so i went over to visit her for a while. They finally getting her up a little at a time after 3mos. She's doing better she has a long way to go yet. She is going to be going a rehab for a while.

    I hope both your famlies are all well. I have all my Christmas shopping done. My neice bought things while we were out each week.

    My grandson goes back this week. Lets bind to gether & pray they will find his problem.

    Good Night ~~~~~~ God Bless
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    Nice to hear from you both-

    Shirley- I'll pray for your grandson of course. I hope the doctors will be able to find the source of his pain and be able to treat it.

    Linda- I haven't baked anything yet- we need to lose weight. Hubby's blood pressure is still too high, so he's going to see the doctor today for the bad news....medication. He's hoping for something that doesn't make him sleepy....possibly water pills. My son requested my Velveeta fudge to take to work, because his coworkers didn't think cheese fudge sounded too good. He didn't tell them it had cheese in it, and the whole container vanished! So today he gets to spill the beans- he's looking forward to it!

    BIL heads for home today....please say a prayer for his safe travel.