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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HRgirl, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. HRgirl

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    Dr. Guyer is the one I was talking about but they wanted 600.00 just to see me. Does that sound accurate. I have a PPO Anthem and I know they will cover outside of my network but to come up with the upfront money and submit and then wait for reimbursement could kill me. Could you tell me what you have CFS/FMS or both? Did he diagnose you? How much were initial charges? What plan (including meds) did he put you on to get you back to health? How is his bedside mannor, does he listen and take time with you? How are you feeling since seeing him? I know that is a lot to ask, but I will take a chance and save money if my insurance will pay the 75% out of network and if he will give things other than vitamins and stuff (insurance won't cover that). The lady I spoke to on the phone said he will immediately put me on IV stuff - did he do that with you? did your insurance cover?
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    i see guyer. sorry for jumping in.

    forget about getting iv's there, if you want them go see turner in lafayette if you are close. I got an iv from guyer and he itemized each item, and the final cost was over 300...sorry, i am not paying that and i didn't. 100 ok, 110 ok.
    wife likes nice things is the problem. and we are talking nice. sure he's a nice guy, but i've heard he's changed, once they catch that bug, you know, they change. they lose heart. empathy for the common guy who's stugglisng, quit doing freebees, can he treat you, sure. you got money? don't think they take any insurance, cash only, so its a medical "concierge". right. i go there, but would like to move on. Sounds like what you describe he will suck you dry pretty quick. So that's a brutally honest opinion. Sounds like maybe you should be spending your money on labwork, then coming on places like this and figuring out what to take, where to buy vitamins, supps, etc. Not paying for an education, you can educate yourself, and then you have people like Lisa that can help ou too. Lisa? the floor is yours. (and if you show him this email i will find you!!)
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    reading and learning..
    Thank you Lisa..
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    For Lisa or anyone
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    I am in the Indppls area and the problem is I have an HMO and have to go through a specific network-St Vincent's. My insurance is awesome, but I have to find someone in my network who does the antibiotic treatment because my blood tests are also positive for Mixed Connective Tissue Disease....I don't want to wait until I start having organ damage to start treatment.
    I have to talk to my Dr., but I am almost sure he does not do this kind of treatment. I plan to call his nurse and ask her about it...she'll know.

    How can I find someone in my network who does it?
  6. Slayadragon

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    I just wrote comments on hrgirl's other post about finding an Indy doctor. Please read.

    Best, Lisa

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