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    Hi! I just found your post, missed it before. My husband passed out on the bathroom seat from passing so much blood. The doctor had given him too much blood thinner after a heart attack. It was a country hospital and a skinny little doctor came by and said he would help get him in bed so they just pulled him up onto the bed,THEN the nurse broke an ammonia capsule under his nose to bring him to.He was listed as very serious for a few days-given blood-tube down his throat etc. He is lucky to have survived the hospital.The doctor told him he would learn to live with the numb leg when he told him about it in the hospital. It was a case for a law suit but we did`nt follow up on it. I had a laminectomy and I was flat for that night and the next day had to walk down hall + up some steps before I could go home. I don`t believe they should have raised you into that position like they did. Hospitals get away with so many things and the patients pay for it. The doctors want a limit set as how much they can be sued for ,it seems they would be more careful but in your case it was a nurse. I guess we just have to speak up for ourselves but we believe they are doing as they should. I am SO sorry your surgery did`nt work out for you. What was the other surgery you had besides the laminectomy? I ended up with this pain from having my tailbone removed. I could`nt get the Dr. to admit anything went wrong but it sure did. Blessings to you Clueless.
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    I was in the hospital for five days. They took me to
    a PT room to walk up steps too. It was pure agony just to get in and out of the wheelchair! My surgery ended
    up being twice as long as it should have because I had an extremely calcified disc that needed to be dug
    out. My back was really bad for quite some time.
    My chiro told me it was because of the muscle
    being clamped back for so long. I was finally
    given a medpak of steroids after about one month.
    Before that, I couldn't even stand up straight.

    I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago.
    Two years after that I was getting severe headaches,
    facial pain and toothaches. I went to an ENT
    and was diagnosed with a rare condition called
    Sluder's syndrome. I also have deviated septum
    and nasal spurs. The dr. did offer me surgery
    but I told him that I didn't want it because I was
    really physically wrecked after the gallbladder
    surgery. I told him of my concerns. He felt so
    bad and even stroked my arm out of sympathy.
    Boy, do I LOVE this dr. I wish he were my FMS
    dr. For some reason, the severe pain I had
    that years seems to have abated.

    That is terrible about what happened with your husband. When my mother had surgery last year
    the nurse came to change my mother's IV bag.
    My mother was sleeping at the time but I didnj't
    want to leave her. I stayed most of the day with her.
    I noticed that her IV was never connected to HER
    after the nurse changed it. I hate to think what would
    have happened if I hadn't been there! From that
    one day in the hospital, I had to come home and
    sleep for a week. My mother was less tired than
    I was one day after her surgery!

    There are far too many problems with the medical
    professionals. It's too bad that good ones are
    far and few between.

    take Care,