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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by blazer, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Hi, as of this past four nights...I made a decicsion to take both the TF #2 and TF #9 at the same time before bed. The switching on and off really made me go UP and DOWN...and just that icky feeling. I felt like what did I have to lose?...I feel better, gang! It feels like BINGO.
    I take beta glucan a couple times a day following the bedtime TF... suppose to "eat" the crud up. The TF..are the Blend 100/and or used to be TF C...and the Mycoplus TF...that is what TF 2 and 9 are /other names. How are you doing ??? Blazer.
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    Sounds like you have found a great combo for you. So fab, when we finally find that! It's try, try, try!

    I just updated my profile. I TOO am feeling better! Besides by TF's (still alternating daily) I seem to really need the supplements that Dr. Cheney recommends. Silymarin, zinc, selenium, alpha lipoic acid and high dose B-12 injections three times a week.

    Next is Co-Q10 and perhaps ginseng and I will see if I am back to reading books!!

    Good News, Blazer!