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    I go to a Pain Mgt. doctor and my next appt. is 02-07. Okay..Last month she put me on Neurontin and i'm suppost to work up to 900 mg. per day. 300 in am, 300 at lunch and 300mg. at bedtime. Now I have never slept better but, if I take more than 200 mg. in the am and 100 mg. at lunch I am stuck on stupid not to mention I can't hardly drive. I am really scared to drive on this stuff. I also take Lorcet 10 4 x's a day-spaced out all during the day. With my current pain level which is at 8-9 on a scale of 10 this is not really working except taking the 200 mg. in the a.m. I know what works and i really need one more Lorcet or something else for break through pain. I have otld her that 5 Lorcets per day really nip it in the bud. She gave me 5 on my last visit but said she would probably reduce me back to 4 per day. I think she is afraid of the tylenol in it.. Being that I can't take Meds that have Lactose in it and most do.. or any asprin or Nsaids I'm really limited. How do I tell her what I know works without her getting mad or thinking the wrong thing? Need help on this ---it's really bugging me and we are almost there on solving my daily pain. Right now I have only had 100 mg. in the afternoon and I can barely type this. Being stuck on stupid at work is not good, plus I have hurt myself on the Neurontin. Like I am drunk. I want her to keep giving it to me but I can not deal w/ so much and I do need one more of something to get me through the day. I have 16-18 hour days. So how do I tell her what I know works on me and how can I do this and be successful at convincing her? Thank you so much for your replies...Pamela P.S. what really works is Percocet, Darvocet or maybe 1 Lortab 10 m/500. That's all I know of. Also the Neurontin is giving me bad headaches in the a.m. after breakfast.
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    I will definitely do what you said. Very helpful...Thanks again..Pamela
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    With Klonopin, one takes a much larger dose at night than during the day. Geez, if I took my nighttime dose during the daytime, I would just lie down and go to sleep.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for responding!! I am fortunate to have what I have so if I can't make any headway, oh well. I'm lucky to get what little I can get. Thanks all of you!!! Pamela

    P.S. Just took 1 more and it gave me a headache. Wonder why???????? It has no lactose in it.