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    If this is Madwolf, I am the husband of Jamie the gal in Seattle who was posting about her son stealing her meds from the pharmacy.I am now writing on her behalf as she has now been banned TWICE.We saw that you had posted saying that a huge mistake was made and somone owed her an apology.Well she did recieve a letter saying sorry but ther were so many suspicious things and statements she had done or made,but was never reinstated.She has since wrote many letters including to another moderator of this group.
    As her husband I feel that she was SO wrongly accused at this place of "support".It has done more harm to her, and hurt that I am completely appalled. She asked time and time again to please exonerate her,she even gave out all of OUR personal information to prove she was not guilty of any wrong doing.
    Even as of today,she was still receivng snide postings referring to her as a someone bad.
    Do you have any advice for me so I can help my wife in this situation? It is very upsetting to see how people who are in the same awful situations physicially can be so quick to be so destructive in their "support".
    I suppose one would say why does she still bother to even try to fix this? Well It is I, who decided to come and try to fix this today,as I am so disturbed by her treatment.Had I known of another members name I would have wrote to them as well.
    Please understand why I reach out to you, and I hope to hear back from you, or anyone who would care to help us out.
    Thank You and best Regards
    Mr.VJ Corpus

    PS:I have noticed from your postings and others who have wrote you that you are a physician and that you may be located in Western WA.Are you anywhere near the seattle Area? She sure could use a new Doc and one who is closer than going to Oregon.Is it possible for one to pass along an email address privately here?
    Thanks again
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    Thank you for responding so fast! I hope somehow I can get this whole thing resloved for my wife.
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    I am just jumping in here as I went back and read your other message and the response from Mikie. She said that Jamie can come back but she needs to come back and log in with her original name she posted under before all that confusion took place (which indeed I am sorry for), as Mikie was going to get rid of the last one she used. So...
    I am not sure that she was banned twice...she just needs to use that first user name, that due to the fog I can't remember. Mikie did say that if she had trouble getting on still then she should go to the user help for assistance.

    Hope I have helped and she gets back on and is able to post soon! love, Rebel
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    Evidently when I tried to restore Jamie to active status it didn't take and it is not letting me update and giving me an error message.

    I will write to our webmaster to see if he can fix it.

    I sent Jamie an e-mail and asked her to try to log on ASAP. I never got a respone to my e-mail from either her or you. I therefore have had no idea there is still a problem. I explained in my e-mail, I believe, that I would be leaving town and off the board for a couple of days. That is why I wanted her to respond ASAP. I understand that people are busy, sick, and trying to handle other things in their lives and cannot always respond right away. The same holds true for me and I tried to explain that in my e-mail to her.

    Hang in there as I will be asking our Webmaster to reinstate her. If you have problems, please use e-mail to contact our Webmaster, Shirl, or me. This really is not the place to be bringing others into the problems and upsetting people. Please just have a little patience and we will get it straightened out.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just thought I'd add that Madwolf is a P.A., not an M.D., and that the practice he works for is in Spokane.
    We also have ac77, who is a medical resident, and Sujay, who I think is an M.D.
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    I just heard from the tech dept. at ProHealth that Jamie has been restored as an active member. I'm sorry it didn't take when both Shirl and I tried to do it, but obviously there was a technical problem which has been fixed.

    Love, Mikie
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    There certainly seems to be a great deal of confusion.She did in fact write you back immediately to let you know it didnt work,then sent another email, and then sent another one to the lady "shirl" I belive you mentioned, and as stated all messages were kept in file as I advised her to do.
    Of course neither one of expect anyone to be right there waiting 24/7. That goes w/o saying I would think.
    As for coming on this board to upset people, that is really off-hand.why would we do that when all we were doing was trying to resolve the issues of my wife being accused of something very serious and if indeed anything was truly upsetting, I would asy that more than qualifies.Why would anyone be upset at trying to get this all straightened out? We are not shallow or un-caring people,we are if anything the complete opposite.Things that were said about my wife on this board were no less than an attack on her personal character, for simply trying to reach out to others who should understand.She was referred to this site by another fellow FMS person saying this was a great source for information but most importantly "support".There was nothing wrong or suspicious about her letter as to what she was dealing with,that is left to the people who chose to think and judge on that level.After having read many posts here myself, I seem many different topics many personal, dealing with various issues,some equally distressing.Personally I make it a habit to not "read" into things, as it can be like wild fire.It reminds me very much of the childrens game "telephone", where one person starts the game with a word or phrase, and then when it goes around the cirlce it is something entirely different.
    My wife has tired and tried to respond, contact, no avail.I read each response sent to her, which was the one you sent initially.Ther very minute she received it she did exactly as you said.She was banned still on that username, and the one she used to try to contact anyone.Not one response was sent her way.
    Can you and do you underastand why this is so upsetting to her? That with all that was going on, having to suddenly stop her meds,deal with the heartbreak of what her won son did to her,etc..Then this place for support completely tears her apart.She asked if someone who has any authority on this board to please post something on her behalf exonerating her, and yet even though they were able to determine she was guilty of what she was accused, nmo one took even just a moment to do that.And now you say no sense in trying to upset people by posting on behalf of my wife? I beg to differ. If it were you in her shoes how upset would you be? If you were accused of solliciting for Narcotic medications would you be absolutely offended and hurt if you were absolutely innocent? Perhaps because she was new to this Suppoty site,and no one had yet developed a relationship with her it didnt hold much weight her feeling, her reputation and all.But even all of you at one time or another were new to this place..You all had to start somewhere,correct? What if it had been you in her place, how would you have reacted.She did nothing out of hand, nor out of place.And even two of your own members acknowledged that there was indeed a huge error made.That is why I directed my original letter to "madwolf", as this person was seemingly the only one who thought that something shold be done on her behalf to rectify this.
    For all of the links to contact someone should there be a problem,it amazes me how there were no responses.Now we know that you were out of town, but certainly there must have been somone else to "watch the fort" while you were away?
    I hope that you will somehow amongst those of you who make the decisions as to what is acceptable,who can or cannot be a part of this group,find it in your heart and perhaps your time to do what right in this situation.
    If anyone would like to contact my wife or myself please do so at:
    We set this email account up just for this purpose, and welcome any and all correspondance.
    Happy Weekend to all
    Victor Corpus
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    I did receive one e-mail and that's when I tried to reinstate Jamie. It obviously didn't work. The e-mail address you have given here is not the one you use to sign on with. I sent my e-mail to you at that address. Perhaps you didn't see it.

    In any case, I hope things have straightened out. I posted to Jamie and have yet to hear from her. Has she tried to log on under Jamielady? One of the problems is that I have been in transit and when I have tried to get things resolved, I have not heard anything. I am still waiting to hear whether she is able to log on.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm really trying to help here, but no one is responding. Jamie, if you read this please try to log on as Jamielady.

    Love, Mikie