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    Thanks for welcoming me back!

    What's the SCD diet all about?

    I've been off the pred 2 weeks. I honestly don't feel as well as I did on it but as my GI doc explained, being on the pred is a "false energy" - it is caused by the steroid. I was at 20 for a long time, he did not want to wean me over the holidays as he said he feared it would be too stressful. When he did take me off, it went quickly, down to 15 then 10 then 5 and the fourth week none at all. It was rough but I got through.

    He told me though not to throw the pred away, just stash it some place in case there's a flare up. So I have 2 strengths tablets - the 20's and the 5's from when I was down to the end there.

    I am glad to hear you too are at 5, maybe you can come off it but don't throw 'em out.

    Was it you that told me the Asacol was no good for you? I am doing pretty well so the doc decided we would not pursue it any further. So no Asacol right now anyway.

    I think I will have to have another "C" just to check on the insides to see they are healed. I hope things look ok.

    At my last blood draw my sed was slightly elevated - 29.

    I have to admit my diet has not been great lately. My oven broke and I don't have the money right now to get a new one, and so I have not been cooking the healthiest of meals.

    What do you eat?? Tell me some more about this diet. The things I avoid are nuts, popcorn, and uncooked veggies, I do eat them cooked though and I also eat fruit, and I can have salad but only one or two times a week not every day otherwise I will pay for it. My GI told me to eat a lot of protein too (we with Crohn's need 30 percent more protein).

    Another thing someone told me is keep a stash of Gatorade or Pedialyte around for emergency. when you're sick with diarrhea and fever is not the time you want to go out to the pharmacy to get that stuff.

    I am thinking of you and wishing you well Alicia..

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    for mamadove

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    I finally have two minutes to write you...

    To save me from writing the details again, see my post to you dated 2/12 *****Libra55*****Where are you?

    In 10 years of researching UC, this is the first time I heard of this woman or this book or this diet...My docs certainly never mentioned it...

    I know you asked me about the Asacol...I hate all meds so I never have much good to say about any of them, but when I was first diagnosed and didn't have a computer, I was on 6 a day...Sometimes I had flares while on it and most of the time had an urgency to go...Someone else said on here once, it makes your intestines 'stop working'...Things just go through and you have no control...I am not talking incontinence, just an 'unhealthy' feeling...

    The pred I am now down to 5 mg every other day and what really helped me was the Cipro, 500mg 2x day...5 days of that, no bleeding...

    I have stopped all bread and ice cream...If it is possible it was from wheat gluten,the majority for me was in the bread, if it was a MAP bacteria, the ice cream was at fault.

    I really need to start that SCD...I hope you can find a copy of that book, it's worth the money and effort to find it too...I just need to commit to it to reap the benefits.

    You can google her name, the book's name and it will lead you to the websites which are loaded with info and recipes too...Lemme know what you think...

    I better go for now, just got back from a teeth cleaning and neck, jaw and head are killing me...

    Write again when you can and don't forget the info on my previous post too...

    Hope you are having a peaceful day~Alicia
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    bumping for Michelle to see...
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    I looked at your original post and I am going to try and find Elaine's book next time I go to the health food store or bookstore, and I will let you know what I think.

    I just posted yesterday my eye doc thinks I might have glaucoma. I think it's all that prednisone. I do hope you can get off it, if you're still on. I was so afraid I would be steroid dependent. It does not look like that is going to be the case thank God. The 6MP is controlling things well.

    Yes I have heard also the connection between Asperger's and this stuff. I've heard it on this forum and from people outside too. And I do believe it too. It's too weird to be coincidental.

    Hope you are well, keep in touch.

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