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  1. windblade

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    Dear Mari,

    I am thinking about and praying for your cousin Jim, and Dawn tonight. I asked friends of mine who are nuns and take prayer requests in their convent to pray for them both.
    These nuns are wonderful prayer warriors!

    Praying for poor Dawn to begin to heal from the terrible trauma she experienced. I'm so hoping that she will find a good therapist to help her deal with all that she needs to, to be well, and care for her daughter.

    And for your cousin Jim. And for Jimmy. That God would take the broken pieces of their lives, and bring his full redemption to them. In His great mercy!

    With much love,
  2. MamaR

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    I just came here for a few minutes because I am feeling so bad. I wanted to read and post....but can't now. But, I had to respond to you.

    Thank you dear friend for your concern and prayers for Jim, Connie, Dawn and family.

    It is so hard. I haven't heard from them in awhile. I have been giving them space. You know...time to heal? I just e-mailed Connie today. I will let you know what she says when she gets back with me.

    I hope that you are doing alright.

    God bless you.

  3. windblade

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    I'm sorry you've been feeling so bad. I hate for people to have to suffer!

    Lifting up a prayer for you for God's presence to be strong in your life, through whatever you're going through.

    With much love,
  4. MamaR

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    I heard from Connie today. she said that Jim and Dawn are having an awful time. She said that she doesn't think that Jim will ever get over this! He was so close to Jimmy...and to know that he couldn't help his son has to be so bad!

    Connie said that she is trying to help them both, but, she feels like she isn't gaining much ground.
    I told her that we are praying.

    Judy....I can't thank you enough for helping me carry this burden for them!

    God bless you....Mari
  5. windblade

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    Yes, what we need is a huge amount of prayer support for Jim, Dawn and Connie.

    Forgive me for my brain fog, but Connie is Jim's wife? And was she Jim's mother or step-mother?

    I can understand how Jim feels that he will never get over this tragic loss. It is terrible. But we can pray for God's greater good, his mercy, and healing love to come into all their lives.

    In my own family, things have been, and are so bad - so tragically sick that I know there will not be a healing on this earth. Although I believe God is working in hidden ways, and never gives up.

    My family is so sick and destructive, that after years and years of therapists telling me to cut off from them, I finally had to do it. It is too painful to even talk about.

    But I KNOW that God loves my family - each one - and is working towards their redemption; and someday in heaven I will have a healed and loving family for the first time.

    We will keep praying for Connie, Jim and Dawn. I just grieve for them!

    I can keep calling the convent for more prayer.

    Lots of love and blessings,

    p.s. Maybe therapy would help Connie too, or a support group. Helping her to share the heavy load she is carrying.
  6. MamaR

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    Yes...I forgot to mention that Connie is Jim's wife and was Jimmy's stepmom. She is a dear person. She is very strong.

    I thank you for the prayers and deep means so much! I will keep you updated.

    I will pray for your family too. Yes, it is so easy for people to say...cut them off, but it is so hard to do. I know!

    If you EVER need to talk about the issues in your family... I am a very good listener.


  7. windblade

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    THANK YOU for your prayers for my family - that is more valuable to me than I can express!!! I know that God loves then faithfully, and will heal and redeem them so they will have the ability to love!

    My younger brother- I raised him so much by myself since Iwas about 8. Before that my grandmother lived with us. VERY, VERY painful to write about.

    If you could pray for his salvation, his relationship with his 2 children.

    My older brother is in prison for fraud for 7 years, also an alcoholic, and very abusive.

    No one in my family has chosen to get well. I have been praying for 34 years since I became an adult Christian. And surely God treasures my childhood heart and prayers!!!

    THANK YOU for prayers for them!

    p.s. I left you a post on Hangin's thread for prayer for her brother.

    Lots of love,
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  8. MamaR

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    I just read your message above and we are believing together...IN JESUS NAME...for your family!

    Your childhood seems alot like mine sweetie.

    Just like you said...surely God saw your childhood prayers for your family. He was cradling you then!
    I can't tell you how that took me back in time when I read your last post.
    I can remember asking God to please bring my mom home. She would leave for days at a time, and we didn't know where she was. I can't explain that was awful.

    And... as a child...I would pray like a child. I would ask God to bring mommy home and I would do certain things that she told me to do the next day...if He would PLEASE bring her home.
    Well, He always brought her home, but I don't know if I held up my end or not!

    God is so good to us. He sends us blessings and He hears even if we don't think that He does.

    I thank God for allowing me to meet you... and others on here. You all have helped me so much. I don't feel so alone anymore.

    God bless you....Mari
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  9. windblade

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    I understand so well! It is terrifying to have parents who are not reliable and abandon their children, or who are violent and destructive.

    I thank God that He is a healer, and utterly faithful, and has a love far beyond what we know now. And that He promised to come into our circumstances - whatever they are, to work all things for our good.

    THANK YOU for your prayers for my family - yes, we agree in Jesus' name for their salvation and healing. Amen.

    I too feel so happy with the friendship's that I have found here. I was SO lonely and isolated before, now have such joy and support. Friends in the dark and the light.

    p.s. Do you know what caused so much anxiety? I'm sorry that I don't know more about your health problems. Will learn more about them.

    May God soothe you, and bring His comforting presence to you. In Jesus' name. Amen
  10. MamaR

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    I haven't heard from Jim or Connie lately. But, I picked Scott up for church today. He lives next door to Dawn. He said that she is living back at home! I can't believe that she has the strength to go back there. I wish that I knew Dawn I would know what to say to her.

    I pray for her strength! Scott did say that she is getting therapy. I am so glad for that!
    I am trying to not push Connie and Jim for news on how Jim is doing. I am waiting to hear from Connie. I will let you know when I hear. This is so difficult when they want to be left alone.

    Thank you for continued prayers!!!

    Pray for my John too...please and thanks!

  11. windblade

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    It's so good to hear from you again! I was waiting for my next burst of energy to ask you how things were going.

    That's VERY good news about Dawn going to a therapist!!! Absolutely essential. I'm so relieved to hear it.

    It must be so hard to wait for news from Jim and Connie. But we can pray a lot, especially for Jim.... and keep praying. What a heartbreak! Is he religious at all? Or Connie?

    I am praying for John - that the Lord will be with him every step of the way! Praying for the dermatologist tomorrow.

    No wonder you're going through so much anxiety - of course you would be!

    Thank God we have God to hope in! :) Whatever we're going through - He's in it with us, drawing us closer to him!
    I rely on Him more and more - for big things and so-called small things.

    I love that about my getting older - have gone through so many spiritual struggles and stages. And the more problems I have the more I can open my life and my loved ones to His love and care. The emptiness and neediness is good. Just the opposite of the world's values!

    (not that I ever ask for more problems:) !

    Take care and let us know how you and John are feeling.

    With lots of love, Judy

    p.s. I'm remembering a book that spoke about a deeply devout Christian mother whose son committed suicide. Something to keep in mind and possibly search for. She spoke about Christ suffering for EVERY one of our needs and sufferings. Amen
  12. windblade

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    Thanking him for this answer to prayer!
  13. ilovecats94

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    Prayers for John and the spot on his skin that was taken off. Hope it heals. He may need an antibiotic. Many prayers for you both.

  14. MamaR

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    ...So very much Ilovecats and Windblade!