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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by welchkin1031, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. welchkin1031

    welchkin1031 New Member

    Hi everyone I am new here but not new to the pains. I was wanting to know have any one incountered Fibromyalgia that is greater on one side of the body than the other. I have a lot of symtoms such as migrains, bladder problems, burning skin, painful mucles, bones, joints, and celiac sprue disease and also using cpap machine , and memory lost. I read all the postings and I am like I am not alone. Tho I do feel alone because the Dr. here make me feel alone. I am so happy that I found this site.If any one is out there exsperiencing majority of there pain on one side please let me know so I could try and educate my Dr. and let him know that there is such a thing. Replys are appreciated.
  2. joc_07

    joc_07 New Member

    I have the most problems on my right side. The pain is usually allover, but my right leg always gives me pain all day long. I get crippling wrist and elbow pain on the right side as well. Most likely from all the mouse usage. I also get painful right side jaw pain.

    Need any more info just ask me!
  3. goldilox

    goldilox Member

    Most of my pain is in my left leg and hip and left neck and shoulder area. Somehow all the pain seems to be more profound in my left side which most doctors are baffled by as typical fibromyalgia is more widespread. I have regular massages which seem to help but as yet have not found any remedy/medications that alleviate my pain.
    I am currently looking into the drug lyrica/neurontin as I have heard lots of good reports about this.
    I feel like I have tried everything there is and have been extremely depressed. I also have excruciating pain in my abdomen along with ibs most days.
    Hope your doctor can give you some answers. If so, PLEASE let me know.

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  4. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I have the majority of my upper body pain on my right side and the majority of my lower body pain on my left side. Both sides hurt...weird, huh?

    Glad you are here. Hope we can all get to know you and all help each other.

  5. welchkin1031

    welchkin1031 New Member

    I am on Neurontin as well. And yes it works but for awhile. But the relief when it does work is great. It comes and goes and your body might get used to it like mine did, but I have to keep taking it for my other problems as well. Once again thank you for responding to my post. This web site is wonderful. I have tried others and no one would respond. I will print these and take them to my Dr.
  6. thomasina

    thomasina New Member

    My pain is from head to toe, but, extreme on my RIGHT side, also. I need a cane for the support....AWWWW, and I'm soooo young!!! Don't you just hate that skin problem? Mine just plain hurts to touch it.

  7. welchkin1031

    welchkin1031 New Member

    I have never thought of that scary thought of bone cancer. How would they find out if it is? I think I would mention this to my Dr. And see what he thinks. Cause sometimes I think that maybe they just thought, HUM FIBROMYALGIA? Well I hope you try to stay warm this winter because that is the worst time for us. I will keep an update on what Dr. tells me and I hope you do to, cause it helps to hear from other people like us. You and everyone on the site is in my prayers for good health.

    Thank you.
  8. welchkin1031

    welchkin1031 New Member

    Everyone is so nice here and I appreciat that I get responses here. I hope that everything goes ok for you and hope I can be some help to you and anyone because you and eveyone else here has helped me alot. Dr. will know that there is such thing as this mess that wrecks us in such a painful way. Thank you and good health.

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