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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by reckabek, Jul 10, 2006.

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    Hey, i figured i'd get out of that forum, cause it was for someone else...i dont want to ruin it.

    Um, up till this pastyr, ive been DX'ed with many mental issues....BPD, BP2, OCD, GAD...w/ chronic pain.

    until i heard about fibro, i just thought it was in my head or part of depression...didn't know
    I get angry easy, but im not angry right now....i am just sick of pain, and because im a mental case, the DR's r leary of giving me pain meds, i guess

    My husband has moved us alot, which with each move, i get crazier. My family is in FL. i was raised there, 4 yrs ago, we left florida and moved to vermont 1 1/2 yrs, vermont was nice, but i hated it, till i left there and moved to Conneticut 2 yrs, i hated there and missed VT....then last september we moved to ILlinois 2 months, then moved to delaware....i enjoyed IL, but hate it here, toooo BUSY...if i want busy i want to be home in FL.

    As for therapy, i had started w/ this chronic pain a few months prior to moving to VT my Dr. recomoended therapy, so i;d leave her alone im sure. I started there, then moved on to CT. my GP thought i was a hypocondriact, and i got worse mentally, and seeked therapy there, i was dxed w/ all but BP2,...moved here and decided to get an actual Physchiatist, not just a therapist or dr...and BP2 came into the equasion....i stopped him, cause to much $$$

    however umong learning about fibro, maybe all my issues r all just one big one new GP said it was in my head my pain, till i brought up i have an apt w/ rheumo aug. 3 for a DX. but im in pain, worse then ever, muscle pain...i have no meds, i stopped the neurontin cause it aint working...i dont want mental meds, i want pain meds...but they dont care! and im sick of FL. my DR was a client of mine, and i got jars of i feel like a crack fiend cause i want to not be in pain.
    Thats what im sick of...thats my story, i hope i didnt bore u...thanks for your concern!!!! well i could go on and on...butt....thanks again, beck
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  3. Marta608

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    It wouldn't surprise me if many of your physical problems stem from FM. But you need some coping skills that you won't get from a GP or even a Rheumy. As a kid I moved every two years and it sucks. I can't imagine moving more often.

    Please find a mental health clinic, you can go there for free, and tell them your story. No matter the cause, stress will increase your pain.

    Of course you didn't bore me. I'm here BECAUSE I'm bored. lol (Not always but at this very minute it's true.)

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    i have been and been, and they listen and listen...but i dont seem to get the answers i want...and i dont give it enough time perhaps, and w/ my issues they want me there every week, or biweekly....i got coping skills up the is just a matter of using...ive been alot better lately, since my last med stop..but ive heard that im in a manic faze of BP?? i dont know...but im run w/ it while i can, i say!!! well thanks for responding....

    one more question, how the heck do u people sit here in all this pain....?? laptops??? lol...thanks beck

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