To Me, This Is Heroic.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Apr 25, 2007.

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    This posters story is heroic to me.

    A wife and mother, working through the pain to satisfy her responsibilities. Letting her kids out of the car first so they don't have to carry the burden of her tears and pain.

    In the realm of these tragic, disabling, at times torturous auto-immune effecting diseases ( diseases so often denied )
    we have thousands of heroes and heroines. As much as any other major disease suffering people, even more because so many refuse to believe people like this mother and sufferers from these ailments aren't really that sick or hurting !

    Here is her post.

    One of my bad days here 04/25/07 05:26 AM

    Yesterday, I cleaned 3 houses and then came home did homework with kids, and went to a baseball game which was a late one. I just almost didnt make it to the car. Sent child into the house, and i just sat there and cried. I was hurting so bad! Husband is gone out of town for work this week. And didnt have no one to understand how i felt. Dont want to show it in front of the kids.
    It started a very bad storm last nite and that and along with Hurting so bad in my back, and legs, all i could do was lay there and cry. I feel like such a whimp at times like that.
    this morning, I feel somewhat better, and I know if i just stay here, I will just be feeling worst. More I move the better I am. And lord I will be moving today. Have a deep clean. but in the back of my mind I know tonite, I will be hurting even more.
    I ask myself all the time, why does this have to happen to me? I went threw alot of abuse with my ex, and I just thought that hurt. Just when I have found someone that is good to me and the kids, and I am happy. Then this comes up with Fibo, I just dont understand why.
    I am supose to go to Germany this summer to see my oldest son that i havent for 3 years. And I am praying that I dont have a hard time sitting, on the plane that long, where I cant get out and do anything with him, once I get there.
    I am sorry I am whinning, just dont understand, when I have my life where I have been wanting it so much for so long time. Then this crap happens.

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  2. Suzan

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    I just posted to this woman..and I agree with many people...that suffer with these illnesses are heroic in their struggle. They do an incredible the midst of extreme pain and fatigue...keeping their children safe and cared for..loving and caring for their spouses...doing their best to work at their it in the workplace or at home....trying to be their for thier friends and family. Often hiding the fact that they are suffering.

    My hat is off to this poster...and to all the rest ..who do their best to be spite of the daily hurdles they face.

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