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    Hi! WOW!! You got a lot of posts.That's great! I will look up that site you mentioned. Those were good times,huh? Are you children close to you-emotionally and miles-wise? Jobs? Married? What did you do for a living before you got sick?

    Yes, I am glad I can do this at home. Not a whole lot of $,but something-plus emotionally satisfying. I did enjoy subbing too-the 4 was quite good,but sometimes the kids were hard to deal with. Respect is sooo not there for many kids. I am trying to do the Weight Watcher thing-I don't go to mtg.-been there-done that. I am trying to start more of an exercise regeime. Very difficult,as you know, to find the right balance. Actually, I am having a pretty good day. I am getting sleepy though-got up at 5:30 for some strange reason. How did your CFS/FMstart? I am in a choral group in Omaha-thus the name. I have a raspy voice tonight, so don't think I will be singing for this concert-coming up in 3 weeks.darn! I really do enjoy singing-just not the quality I used to be. Have ben in this for 6 years. Hobbies? Becky