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    Hello! I just saw your reply to the Chile Relleno recipe

    I placed on the Board. Fight may indeed like it especially

    up North in the snow and cold.

    I read you Bio. andsee that you jhave had experience with

    some anti-viral therary. You may be interested in keeping

    an "eye/ear" to the Montoya study at Stanford U. here in

    "Kaliphonia". Believe he has just started a new study

    concerning them. Met a fellow who was under his care

    with 70% improvement at the time. Don't know how he is

    doing now, but it is all very interesting and incouraging

    hopefully for some!

  2. mezombie

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    Thanks for taking the time to read my bio!

    I am, indeed, aware of Montoya's Valcyte study, and have been reading everything about it I can get my hands on. I have the high HHV6 and EBV IgG titers he is looking for in his test subjects.

    Did you know there are several people on the CFS/FM board who are already taking Valcyte outside of the study? I have been following their posts closely.

    Are you still in touch with the fellow who was in Montoya's earlier study? It would be great to find out how he is doing now. Maybe you could convince him to post on the CFS/FM board!


    I do find this study very, very encouraging, and look forward to the results.

    Thanks again for your interest in my "case".

  3. mrdad

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    Unfortunately, I am no longer in contact with the

    fellow as I no longer attend the same meetings. This

    was about nine mos. ago. I believe, of course, that not

    all these CFS are viral based. I have mono while in

    grad school and it knocked me out for weeks. Was hos-

    pitalized and took weeks to recover. But I also have

    othr issues that may or may not be factors. Doing the

    Lyme Igenex test soon as my adult Daughter has had it

    for years and I lived 9 years in the Sierra with the

    ticks and even Bubonic plague at times!! Darn Chipmonks!

    As with you, I'd like some "definition" even if nothing

    can be done. I think though, there are some hopeful

    things going on. Best wishes!

    P.S. I lived about 40 mins. from the Tahoe Incidents
    at that time!
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    Hi there, MrDad!

    I posted info for you on the Montoya Clinical Trial on the CFS/FM board. I took the liberty of answering your question to Lichu3 on her "Montoya Lectures..." thread.

    Thought you might see this first.

    Take care,
    The Zombie
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