To Mikie & anyone that applied for SSD

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    It took me exactly 1 year with an attorney. I will say to any of you applying, some get lucky without an attorney but having one really helps. I was approved and I have FMS, 2 hernaited discs,( cervical & lumbar), neuropathies. I really think. and this is my advice I was told having a psycologist or psycatrist backing you up makes it much easier to get it.

    I say this only because I had been told from a person who worked for SSD that no matter how many physical problems you have and pain it still warrants you able to work at some sort of job even part time. The point she made and my lawyer is you can't function if the mind is not there. As we all know what fibro fog and fatige can do especially in the working world not alone the depression from living with this illness and chronic pain. Even if you don't think you need one which I didn't, boy was I wrong. I say do whatever it takes to get it.

    I worked for over 20 years ,paid in to SS and forced myself to get up many, many days to go to work until I truly couldn't do it anymore. Seeing a psycologist was the best thing I did for my SSD and my sanity. I told her when I first seen her I've been fired 4 times in the past year and cannot return to the working world to be abused because I couldn't function and perform the way I use to. She said to me then go for the disability and she helped me all the way in her reports. Her suggestion was your not the person you use to be and I need to ACCEPT it, thats the first step. Feeling guilty was the next thing I needed to overcome. It was hard at first but it made sense, accept who we are now, not feel guilty and do what we can and stop when you can't do anymore.

    I've learned to do that and its not easy, sometimes I still feel guilty but I remember what she said and it passes. I felt worthless the whole time I applied and when I was finally approved it was a relief, I put my time in and paid my dues. My body said its time to quit and accept the person you are, "you can't do what you use to do." I hope some of you find this helpful and I felt so bad for you Mikie when I heard like other its taking so lond to get what we deserve.
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    I'm so happy you got approved. I live in Florida in an area that seems overburdened with SSD cases. Having the judge take early retirement didn't help.

    I agree with the mental health advice. The atty. who writes here has said that if you take opiods and see a mental health worker, it increases the chances of getting SSD.

    Love, Mikie