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    Hi There: I'll definitely be watching for your report from the new doctor. I wrote in here last night that I was mad about this stuff. Well, I still am today. I'm determined to get to the bottom of this one way or another. If this is really what I have I'll learn to live with it, but if it's something else I want some answers. I have an appointment with another doctor this Saturday. He's in the same office as my regular doctor who by the way I really respect and love. You know what kind of love I mean. haha
    Anyway, I have alot of questions about all the meds I'm on, etc and the possibility that they could be interacting with each other and making my symptoms worse. I even have my sister in Florida investigating too. If anyone can find some answers one way or another it's her. She's a fighter when it comes to figuring something out. If I find out anything interesting, I'll report to you all, too. Keep the faith if we don't get any good reports or good answers at leat we're all here for each other. I love this message board and all you guys.
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    Glad to see you are using your anger in a positive way in your life. We may not get all the answers because most of us know more about our illnesses than our docs do, but we can at least get some treatments to help us. That is the least, and I mean the very least, the medical community should be doing for us. We deserve a whole lot more than that.

    Love, Mikie