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    hi guys havent talked to yall in a while are you 2 ok? mimi are you feeling better and you too cherl i know you said in an earlier post that you were not feeling well.i wanted to share something with you two, i have had a really hard week no money bills piling up couldnt pay my sons daycare or my car payment getting phonecalls everyday from my creditors, i was pretty blue, but i kept on getting up saying my prayers even talked with my mom about the possibility of having to move in with her and finishing school in ala,it rained all week here which put my husbsnd a week behind on work, but he got paid today some money and i went to the mailbox and my student loans were there! it isnt much but i can pay my car payment and my sons daycare and go to the grocery,put gas in my car, so on so cherl you are so right god does hear me, i stll have 3 solid as in classes but i made my first b on a paper, i was in the middle of a ra flare and i just couldnt do any better than that. midterms are this week so i am off to study my teachers have been amazing openly complimenting me in front of the whole class and my english professor offered to help my daughter better her sat scores. i have never felt more like i am on the right path.i have got to put more faith in god that i am not in controll of everything i am in control of doing the best i can but that is it, thanks for the continued prayers as you are in mine laura
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    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!! He does hear our prayers and He works on His timetable. I am also having to learn that, even though I know it!!

    That is just wonderful that you had enough money to do what you needed! God knows what we need and when we need it. Don't you be hard on yourself aboaut that B on a paper. That doesn't mean you will get a B in that class.

    You are doing awesome and I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!

    I have been a little under the weather with some allergies that have given me asthma so I have been dealing with that.
    Tryig to avoid going to DR, AGAIN!!!!!!

    I am till praying for you and you pray also for God to give you Faith anew every day. Ask several times a day, I have to many times. He will give it to us through His Holy Spirit.

    Congratulations on your Praise!!!! It is so wondeful!!!!

    Love in Christ,
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    Praise the Lord. I am so happy to hear your news. I am so excited that God is answering your prayer just as you need it. I am so proud of you. Trust me when I say you will only grow as a person if you continue to trust and follow the Lord. He will not fail you. Look at all he has done for you and really in just such a short time. You need to go back and reread all of your old posts and see how far he has brought you. I am just so excited I cannot hardly contain myself. I wish I could give you a big hug.

    I believe that because you are following so closely to the Lord that your teachers are seeing that you are truly a special person. I think a B is great especially since you were in a flare. Laura, I am just so proud of you. I am so glad that you are sharing your adventure with us and you are truly a testamony to what God can do if you just place your trust in him. I know it is not always easy. I know the day you got the huge water bill you just wanted to give up. I know that, but please know that God is supplying your needs and he is going to keep answering you. Just don't give up.

    Thanks so very much for sharing this praise report with us. It encourages me in my walk with the Lord also.

    Gentle Hugs, Love and prayers,

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    i wish i could meet you i feel like i have family on this board in you 2, i will keep on, i told my husband today we have got to look at the past couple of months and see that we have always made it so far, and i do ask for guidance sometimes every hour! i have tried to go to class and forget my troubles while i am there, the other day i walked into my math class a couple of minutes late and my math teacher said just ask laura how she does it, i thought oh what is she talking about but than she said i was just telling the class if you can do so well in this class with all that you have going on then there is no excuse for anyone else to not do well. my computer teacher , kept me in class longer than every one else the other day and i thought he was just being mean to me but he gave me what was going to be on the midterm!!!so i am so blessed to be where i am, my classes are small and some are young and some are my age and older, they seem to like the older people we arnt intimidated so we speak up and ask school is associated with the university of georgia so i can use both schools facilities, i absolutely love learning. mimi i am sorry you have asthma i have it too, i use advair everyday it helps alot.i am upset about the b but i did my best and he is tough i only had one sentence fragment and he took off 15 points! i cant thank you two enough, i know i am rambling but this has been a good day, i have a wedding to do tomorrow so that will be tiring and somewhere in there i have to study with my 3 year old in tow. wish me luck! i will say a prayer for you 2 wonderful people tonight that god will watch over you and take care of you and those you love have a good weekend laura
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    I too have to use advair diskuss every day. This week though there has been so much wind here that I guess something I am allergic is in the wind. I am better if I stay in the house. I started on prednisone,asinstructed if peak flow is in warning zone, and using rescue inhaler. I also have a nebulizer machine, but have not had to use it yet. If not totally better by Mon. I am going to DR because my Orencia trmt is the next Mon and they won't give it to me if I am sick. If it's not one thing it's aoather!!!!!

    You should not feel bad about that B. My daughter has made a couple of B's on things, but I think in the end she will prob make A's because of all the other things averaged in. She had Lab test in her Human Anatomy & physiology class last week on tissues (like you would see under a microscope) and their names and one place you would find it. She made 100 on it. She was so pround.
    Her advisor stressed the importance of her making an A in this class since she is going to be an RN. So she already had it pegged as a terrible class, but she loves it better than her others. You are doing a great job, so do not be down on yourself, you hear??????? I'll come after you!!!!!!!! and tickle or something funny!!!!!! HaHaHa
    You need a laugh!!!!!!
    I will pray for you this weekend as you do this wedding and also study. I will pray for you to have that added strength and that you will be able eto sneak in a rest period each day. Remember that is important.
    Love in Christ,
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    I am glad that you are encouraging your husband to hang in there also. You need to work as a team and it sounds as if you are. That is really important.

    I don't want you to worry about the B. Remember that they add all your grades together and then average them out. And you are doing all this with all the added stress and I agree with your teacher. You are doing a great job. Please do not be to hard on yourself. I am proud of you, Laura. As I said before you are encouraging me in my walk with the Lord by sharing what you are doing and how you are being blessed. It is just amazing and I cannot praise the Lord enough for helping you each day. Isn't He truly awesome and amazing???

    I know that you will still have rough days but just remember one day at a time and don't dwell on the negative. They will happen, it's part of life. Do what you can each day and then leave it at Jesus feet.

    I wish you were closer to me here in GA. I would love to meet you and give you a big hug! You are an amazing woman and don't forget that.

    Have a good weekend at your wedding and remember to take time out for rest. It is very important for your body and you need to do that. OK????


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    hey guys just finished doing 4 peoples hair and one makeup for a wedding unfortunatly it isnt that fun alot of work! but i made some money which is good, i wish i could meet yall too you are truly inspirational to me, i need to sit for a minute or two and then start on the studying the wedding took 6 hours. i hope yall have a great weekend please pray to god i can get all my studying done before monday at 8, the grade is up to me! thanks agian for all the encourage ment, mimi that is great about your daughter she sounds alot like me! hope your asthma improves and cherl i hope you dont have ra, i know from what you have said you have some symptoms that sound like ra, docs make it hard some will only dx if blood is positive oa is bad enough and you have fms too right? thanks agian to you both laura
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    I am glad that you made it through the wedding. I know it must have exhausted you. I am praying that you got time for studying and for resting both. I know you will do well in school.

    I hope the rest of your weekend went well and that you are prepared for Monday. Take care and thanks for letting us know how you are doing. It is good to hear from you always.

    Gentle Hugs and Prayers,

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    hi its sun evening and i am studied out, i think i am going to call it a night. my mom has a masters in english she has been alot of help, i called her today and she said that i have a good grasp on the english language and to not stress too much, put it down and strt studying my math. so i am taking her advise. my sweet daughter took my 3 year ols, Finn (since yall are like family i need to tell you my children's names)rollerskating to give me a chance to study. i think i will get a good nights sleep and get up early and look over everything one more time. i have to register for winter quarter next week and i am so excited , i can take a maintainance and repair class, i would love to know how to work on a computer! i hope yall had a good weekend, cherl do you ever get into atlanta proper? i go to the decalb farmers market some and i would love to have lunch with you sometime if you ever feel up to it! mimi i wish we all could go but you are a little far away. god bless you two!!!! laura
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    I am glad that you got to study and yes, I think your mom is right, imagine that, I think a mom is right! lol As a teen I wouldn't have thought that. lol You do need to really study in your weakest area since you seem to do well in the others. I am sure you will do fine.

    I don't ever get into Atlanta at all if I can help it, but I don't know what your schedule would be like during the week of Christmas. Christmas is on a Tuesday this year so any day after that if you would be interested in meeting around the Mall of GA area?? My husband has that week off and he would have to drive me down there so I would love to meet all of your family if you would like to meet at a restaurant there and I would pay for the entire meal so you don't have to worry about that. Just let me know if that would work out for all of you, maybe after we eat we could send the men folk to look around the mall and that way we could have some time alone to talk. (with your daughter of course) Let me know how that sounds and if it is feasible at all and I will try my best to work it out. I just don't drive long drives by myself any more because of the meds I take, they make me too sleepy and driving exacerbates my FM really badly. Anyway, think about it.

    I had a good weekend. I am trying to redo my main bathroom and as my husband says I always create a mountain out of a mole hill. I initially just wanted to paint the vanity but it has turned into a BIG project. I wish you lived closer because I could get your husband to do some work for me.
    My husband is not a handyman and I can't do anything much any more and so it is a comedy of errors when we do anything around the house. Anyway, I am painting the vanity today, tomorrow I will pay for it physically but such is life.

    Well, better run didn't mean for this to turn into a book.

    Will be praying for you today and know you will do well.

    Gentle Hugs and prayers,


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    I am praying for your classes today!!!! I know that God will lead you in the right direction in everything. You have studied hard and we are praying for you, so I know you will do just fine.

    I'm Jealous!!!! I want to go to that lunch in Dec. also!!! Sure wish I lived closer!

    I think I broke my rt little toe last night!!! I just had to laugh!! It is swollen and blue this morning and I can't step all way down on foot. It is at joint connecting to foot, so my foot is swollen on bottom also which when I step down on it causes severe pain. It throbbed all night. My husand really got onto me for going barefooted in the house. I caught it on a bookshelf and it pulled it completely to the right. I hollered real loud!!!!!! So I am stuck off my feet for a good rest!!!!!

    Have a Great Day!!!!!!

    Prayers and Love in Christ
    Praying for you all day today!!!!!
    Mimi (Sherry)
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    You know if I had the money I would send you a ticket so you could join us for lunch. One of these days. I don't know if poor Laura could handle both of us together in the same place. Oh man, we would drive her crazy!!!!

    I know you just broke your toe so you would have an excuse to be able to stay in bed and hand quilt. Fess up now!!!

    Hope you both are doing well today otherwise.

    Gentle Hugs and Love to both of you,

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    cherl i would be honored to meet you! but you certainly dont need to pay for me, i have made a friend and i am so grateful, mimi i would buy your ticket if i could!i got through my first 2 tests, English he graded in class there were 2 as i was one of them! i asked god to be with me during it i didnt feel well at all! my math test ill know tomorrow, i didnt realize it was a test over all we have done so far i only studied the last chapter, but because i have kept up with it and work everyday i feel like i did well.i have an excel midterm tomorrow so i am off to pick up my son and then to the computer lab for a couple of hours, mimi i am sorry about your toe i have done that before on a vacuum cleaner! it hurts, you dont realize how much you use those little guys till you hurt one yall have a good week and i will keep in touch god bless you both laura
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    That is wonderful news about your A in English. I am also confident that you did just as well on your Math test!

    You are a hard worker and really try. Some of these students do not even open a book or study at all and then wonder why they fail. But you really take this seriously and study hard and you are doing great!!! I am extremely PROUD of you and will continue to constantly pray for you every single day for whatever is coming your way school wise and personally as well. I pray that God just puts His comforting arms around your entire family during this hard time. He will. I know He will!!

    Yes, I agee with Cheryl, I am not sure you are up to both of us at same time. We are characters!!!! lol lol Put us together and I am not sure what might happen. You would be telling everyone" I really do not know these ladies at all" Just met them today!!!!! Ha Ha Ha.

    It would all be so neat though to someday meet and I am confident that we will.

    Have a great day tomorrow! God be with you in every instance.

    Love in Christ,
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    How are you doing??? I hope that things are going ok and that you are getting some rest. I know you had a long weekend last weekend and I hope this one will be quieter for you. I know with a 3 yr old there is no such thing as quieter. lol

    How did school go this week? I am proud of you and how hard you work. How is your husband doing?

    I have been doing too much this week and I am aching a lot, but this too shall pass. It is just the price you pay when you over work your body, which I still do from time to time. lol

    Just thought I would check and make sure you are doing well.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    hey guys sorry i havent posted, i had a terrible week, i flunked my excel midterm. we only have an hour to complete, a 3 page document. 2 charts averages formulas, one missed step and the whole thing is wrong, the guy next to me even though he was warned before class, recited his whole test outloud while i was trying to do mine, i got flustered and couldnt get it back. my professor helped me cause i was last in the classroom and he kept saying just print it so i have something to grade,it was humiliating, he did say after i apoligized for the 100th time that he would rather have a hundred students like me than one like the guy sitting next to me. but he dosent teach at all, we just sit down and do assignments for grades and turn them in. we are expected to learn an entire software program in 2-3 days and test on it. i cant drop the class now so i am gonna tough it out and get a tutor, maybe i can still pull a b out of the class. i know now not to take this teacher again, hes like a computer tech that you call when something goes wrong with your pc, and they are condesening the entire conversation, he knows it so we should too. oh well cherl sorry your achy i do hope you feel better, we all deserve a break dont we?i am gonna watch the alabama lsu game then start studying for my english test on monday boy they pile it on here mimi hope you are feeling better too, thanks for checknig in love yall laura
  17. cheryl888881

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    Dear Laura,

    Just forget about last week and press forward. I am sorry that you have a professor that does not know how to teach. There are plenty out there like that. They make you basically learn on your own. It is frustrating and then throw in all the other stuff you deal with and it is almost impossible. But it is ok. Just don't think any more about it and go on with one day at a time. You will do fine in the end. Just keep your goal in sight and take it one step at a time.

    I am proud of you and I know that you want to do just perfectly but you are going to have bad days. Just keep going on and doing your best. That is all that is expected of you. If I thought you were perfect I don't think I would want you for a friend. lol I fall too short in many areas so I just do my best and keep going.

    I hope that the rest of your family is doing well. Have a good weekend and get some rest and I will be praying for you.

    Gentle Hugs, Prayers and love to you,

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    Hi, so sorry to hear about your bad week. But you do have to pull yourself up and put it in the Hands of the Lord and keep going. One bad grade does does fail a person! Just keeep trying to do your best and that is all you can do. Look what you have on your plate? My gosh, school is hard for single person, no kids, def no RA, etc.
    I am so proud of what you have done and a lot of the classes let you drop your lowest test grade. Check into that for that class. You never know.

    I have had bad week also. After injurying my foot, then on fri am I awoke very early to sever pain in rt big toe; same foot injury was one but it was on pinkie toe. It hurt all day Fri, long story short, by this AM I was crying at 3am with excrutiating pain in toe that was spreading down myfoot and it was red and hot. I already had appt with reumifor orencia trmt anyway this am and when she saw it she it presents just like severe gout attack and was headed to my ankle as well!!!! Gave me another bag of steroid in iv plus my bag of orenia and by the time I left there the pain was reducede by 75%. Foot is still really swollenand toeis still red on end and still has some pain butnot what I had. Doc came in and I said "You either cut off my big toe or shoot it up with lidocain, I can't standthis anymore." She laughed!!!!!!!!! I was also put on medrol dose pack and another rx for gout. Seems I might now be on two additional rx's every mo. Like I need anymore??!!!!
    Dr told me I nw have anoather thing to fight. I just hae to put my Faith in God and go forth. What else is there to do. He is our salvation. Our comforter. He is there when no one else is. So don't give up. I'm not so you cant either!!!!!!!! Different subjects but same outcome!
    I am still praying for you.
    Hugs and Prayers,
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    I hope that you are doing ok, Laura, we haven't heard from you in a few days and I want you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you. I know that you are busy and just wanted you to know my prayers are with you and your family.

    When you get a chance let us know how you are doing.

    You are a special person to me and I just want you to know that. I am looking forward to meeting with you sometime in December. I talked to my husband about it the other night and he is happy to bring me down your way. He is such a sweet man and my life saver!!! He is the love of my life.

    Gentle hugs, prayers, and love,

  20. mimimurch4

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    I was rereading my last post to your post I realized I had made a mistake in typing and said the word "does" twice when I meant to say "does not". Means somethings totally different!!!!!!! So Sorry!!!! My dauaghter, even though she makes very good grades haas made a bad grade or two and it wasn't from not studying, it was from the teacher and not being consistent with her testing methods.
    She had studied very hard according to the first test that was given and second one was totally different. Does not mean she is going to not make very good gradee in that class. Please let us hear from you. We haven't heard from you in several days. Are you in a flare? We are praying for you, just remember that, OK?

    Love and prayers in Christ,