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    HI i havent posted in a while and i see that you haven't either. updat. my husband didnt get the job, but he is moving along with the painting and we are praying every day that another opportunity will come along. hopefully we can pay our 6 week late motgage this week with the second installment and can rest for a few more weeks. school is so hard, i am exhausted but so far have 3 a's i am proud of that. i cant see god taking away our home when we are trying so hard. will yall still pray for us? and if i can do the same i will, i will anyway, but anything specific. thank you so much laura3951
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    You know I was going to post a message to you yesterday to see how you were doing and I have not been feeling well and just didn't. Please forgive me for that. But the Lord answered my prayer by your post to us.

    What I want to tell you first is that you don't ever have to worry about my praying for you and your precious family. You are all in my prayers daily.

    I am so proud of you for getting 3 A's. No small accomplishment for someone with a family to take care of. I am really very proud of you.

    God is going to honor what you are doing Laura, it may take time for you to see but he will honor your efforts. I am so pleased that you were able to get the paining job and that you will be able to make a mortgage payment. I don't know what God has in store for you but He will be with you and your precious family. Don't give up and just keep doing what you are doing. Again, I am proud of you.

    Please just rest assured that I will be praying for you. You are a special person and remember you are a daughter of the King. He cares more deeply for you than anyone else could ever and he will take care of you.

    Thank you for your prayers. I appreciate them so very much and I can feel them daily. I have not been feeling well this past few weeks and I have really needed the prayers. Thank you again.

    Gentle hugs, prayers and love coming your way,

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    No, I haven't posted in quite a while because I have been in a major flare. You can pray for me in that area if you would.

    I want you to know that even though I wasn't posting did not meana that I was not praying for your family. I have been praying for you every single day. Your name is on my list. I know that God is going to take care of you and is taking care of you right now. I am so glad that He provided the painting job for your husand and I know that He will provide something else as well. Just keep having faith, praying, reading His Word and praising his name.
    He will be faithful to you and I know that He will take care of you in a very special way.

    I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of your 3 A's!!!!!!! I am amazed that with all this going on you were able to acccomplish that wonderful feat!!!!! That is totally awesome!.

    Read Phillipians Chapter 4 for encouragement. I have to read it all the time and I pray it back to God. God has provided for our family many, many times when we didn't think it was possible. I know all of this to be true.
    This is one of my favorite passages.

    Please know that your family is in my prayers daily!
    And if you would pray for my RA to calm down, I would greatly apapreciate it.

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    hi! thank you for the school praise i am working so hard with ra it is even harder, mimi i am so sorry you are in a flare i know how you feel having ra going to school, 3 kids working it would ware out a normal person. cherl thanks for the kind words and optomisim i need that, you two will be in my prayers everyday also have a good weekend laura
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    How is your RA doing during this stressful time in your life? Stress can cause flares. Your meds must be working really well for you if you are doing OK!! Wish mine were. Don't think this last Orencia trmt has done too much. Think most was done by the steroids and I think they are starting to wear off. Just got my lab report in mail today and my sed rate and crp is very high. Wonder why!!!!!! lolol I could have told them that!!!!!

    Again, keep up the good work with your grades. What are you majoring in? I can' remember? My daughter is is second year working toward being RN. Human Anatomy and Physiology is really hard but she is making A so far. I know when she gets to the RN courses, it will really be hard but at same time, be really interesting. She can't wait. I am so proud of you going to school with 3 children. I couldn't do it without RA and you doing suffering from illness.
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    hi mimi! sure hope you are feeling better, ra is so hard, i feel exhausted all the time and the swelling i am on mtx and arava, they work ok but theres nothing like poverty to get you moving in the morning. i have had a hard time adjusting to college. at 43 its hard, i am only sleeping about 6 hours a night and that is terrible for ra. i hope i can keep this pace up, what is going on with you? are your meds not working at all? i so appriciate your kind words and thoughts especially when you are feeling so bad. ill keep praying for you to feel better. laura
    oh i am majoring in computer programing, lots of math. not my best subject but ill keep plugging away![This Message was Edited on 10/13/2007]
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    I think what is happening is that the Orencia that I was changed to from Remicade is not working well for me. The remicade was doing well and I hardly had any swelling in hands and other joints but then I started having allergic reaction and reumi said "no more remicade". I am on metho. and folic acid and Darvocet for really bad pain. Can't take antianflammatories because of stomach isssues and they cause my blood pressure to go up, even an advil!

    Then I was in hosp end of July with inflammation with lining of stomach and gastritis for 6 days on IV and 2 different antibiotics (had severe stoomach pain) during this time I missed a trmt and had to miss 2 weeks of metho.
    I have now had 2 trmts and still not working so I don't think it is going towork for me. They mentioned raising the metho dosage, which I think I would rather take the shots than deal with the additional nausea. I only take 4 pills a week now and it really bothers my stomach.
    I guess all of that caused this flare plus stress.

    You really need to take care of yourself and get some extra rest in some time during the day or you are going to pay the price pretty soon with the RA. Six hrs a night is NOT enough sleep for RA patient.!!!! Please take care of yourself and get a rest in here or there! I will pray for that as well. Keep plugging along, but just remember that you have to listen to your body, too!

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    hi guys just touching base hope you are feeling better mimi, i will say a prayer for you before i go to sleep.i understand what yall are saying about the sleep, i guess i feel that i have to do well in school at this age. i am pushing myself real hard to maintain an a average. i had a math test today i truly dont know how i did.i had a paper due today and a test and tommorrow i have 3 assignments due in excel. but i think i will go to bed early and get up early when the house is quiet and my 3 year old is a sleep, he dosent like mommy siting at the computer all night and i dont either, we payed sept mortgage today what a great feeling even if we are still a month behind, my husband just sold another house painting job so it looks like we will make it another month also my food stamps were raised to 537 a month which is amazing! thanks agian for the prayers youd think i could spell better!i had a flare like you are in last summer it was horrible, i was on 8 mtx a week and medrol, plus plquenell it stoped working and i would vomit all the time, imagine taking care of a 2 year old and being so sick to your stomach, i finally came out of that but it took 3 months. i hope you dont have to wait that long. peace laura
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    You just do not know how excited I am to hear about all your good news. I know that it is still stressful but Thank God you are only one month behind in the mortgage and Thank God that your husband got another painting job and that the food stamp amount was raised. God is answering prayers and I believe that is because you are trying so hard and being faithful to him. I am just so excited for you.

    I cannot imagine how hard it is for you just in your daily life. I know that school is enough stress but then add to that three children and your stress is doubled and then with your RA your stress is tripled, and on and on it goes.

    I pray for all of you daily and just hope that you continue to receive what you need. Sometimes God answers one prayer at a time and you are receiving what you need for the day right now. Just as he feeds the birds of the air he is taking care of your daily needs. I am reminded of the children of Isreal wondering in the wilderness. It was their own fault they were wondering but God provided. Even though he was heartbroken over their attitudes and nonbelief he still took care of them. It may have been only manna but it came every day just like the rising of the sun. They could count on it. Just think how much He loves you and your dear family. He will not let his children go without their basic needs. I truly believe that and I am claiming that for you and your family.

    Thank you for keeping us informed about the answers to prayer and we will keep praying and believing for your needs!!! We are thankful O Lord for your loving kindness and your tender mercies to this precious family and know that you love them with the love of a Father. Please be with them, protect them and continue to supply their needs and we will be forever grateful and serve you Our Heavenly Father. Amen and Amen!!!

    Gentle hugs, love and prayers,

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    thank you so much for your ongoing prayers and encouragement, i made a 90 on my math test! you are a dear sweet person and talking to you and mimi is a bright spot in my day.thanks agian for everything laura
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    See there, you did a great job on your Math test!!!!!! That is just so wonderful!

    Yes, I am praying for you and your family every single day and for your provisions to be met. I also pray that you will have the strength to do what you have to do on a daily basis. It just makes sme hurt for you knowing you have what I have and doing all of this. You are an AMAZING woman! I know and trust that God is truly taking care of his chilren and that he will provide your needs.


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    thank you i owe you two so much, i hope one day i can return the kindness you have shown me. i just got home from barnes and noble i went there to study i have an english test tommorrow and at least its quiet there. its already 10.30i tell you my professors all seem to think that they are the only teachers in the world, they pile on the work, i do have really high expectations for myself but i have so much work.i wish for you two to have a great pain free day tommorrow, god bless you both laura
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    I am so happy that you did so well on your math test. Way to go. I don't know how you do it but hopefully our prayers are helping a little bit. lol

    Just keep us informed of how you and your family are doing and that is repayment enough. It is so neat to see how God is answering prayers and that is what it is all about. God taking care of his children.

    Gentle Hugs, love and prayers,

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    just got home from my 8 am class had a quiz on verb agreement and had to write a paper in class, one we had already written but could use no rough draft, only an outline of the original paper. i made a 95 on my quiz but have no earthly idea how i did on the paper,i am getting out of class at 1:20 and do not have to work this afternoon, i am napping! i dont care if the house is a mess or if i have more to do i am so tired and i feel the ra fatigue getting stronger.ya'll are right, got to squeeze in some time for rest, how are you two doing today? The weather is terrible here and that adds to the ra symptoms.have a wonderful day laura
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    Good for you!!! Wow, you are really doing well. I, too, live in the South, N. GA and it has been so humid the last couple of days that I am just aching. My back hurts the worst but I have FM along with OA so it is just all over. I have just been dragging around all week so far. I need to do some things around the house but oh well.

    I am glad that you are going to rest. You certainly need to and I hope that it will help you. I know it is so hard for you.

    I am sure that you did well on your paper also. Just don't stress about it. So far you are doing very well so I think the paper is probably good as well.

    Enjoy your time of rest and have a good evening.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    i live in georgia too! athens, thats interesting.... its muggy hot and not fall like at all! i am taking a nap have a great day laura
  17. cheryl888881

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    I used to live in Lawrenceville and then we moved to Winder for a year and then to Cartersville, Dalton and now we are outside of Chattanooga in GA. Small world isn't it??? Have a good day.

    Gentle Hugs,


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    I am so glad that you were able to get in a nap today!!! You need to try and do that whenever it is possible. I know with your busy life and school and kids that it isn't often, but if you don't, I'm afraid that your RA will go into a major flare and then it will be hard for you to do anything. Not trying to be negative, trying to protect you!!!!

    I will pray that You are provided dwith more surprise times that you are able to get in that nap or rest time. I think that will make all the diffference in the world.

    Hugs & Prayers,
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    mimi i am in the begining of a flare, so i would not think of you as negative you are right, i threw up right before my math class and didnt know if i could even get there i did and felt terrible so tired, i came home and stayed on the couch for like 3 hours,i feel better now buit i know what this means, my knuckles on my left hand have strted to swell and ache, so i did it to myself. i am worried how i will keep up. peace laura
  20. mimimurch4

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    I am so sorry that you are starting a flare and I don't want to be "right", but as a fellow RA sufferer, I just knew thata you could not keep up that pace without rest and lots of it. Ok. We are going t pray that this flare will be short, not bad, and that you will have more strenth come from within to get you through. Is there a time every day that you can lie down and rest, even go to sleep? If so, take it. Don't worry about housework or anything else. The rest is more important to yu and to your family. Is it your left hand that is worse than rt?
    Mine is also. Even though there is damage to rt hand, my left hand swells up worse than the rt. I am still not right either. This drug combination I am on is not working so I am waiting for my next appt on Nov 5th with my reumi and to get trmt, but I want to change course of action.

    How many days a week do yu go to school? Are you still trying to work as well as go to school? Also try to have simple meals, things you can put in crockpot, etc. so that not much of your time and energy are used there. If I can think of any other helps, I will write them later.
    Please keep me informed as to how you are doing. I am so sorry to hear this news. I will def. have you in my prayers for a speedy reovery from thi flare and for more physical strength.

    Love in Christ,