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    Just wanted to say, that's some incredible artwork you do. Are you self-taught? How long have you been doing it? I didn't do the one in my profile. ;) What sort of subjects do you like?

    (( )) Shannon
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    Yes, self taught if you want to call it that.
    More of a gift really, I didn't do anything to aquire it, and thank you by the way.

    Do you still have that blue'ish picture on yours? I didn't check before I replied.

    I'm going to be doing more but right now I'm in the middle of my Disability Hearing thingies. You know Lawyers, so on, my next time is coming, I think February.

    I've already gotten my next 2 pictures picked out. Ones going to be a self portrait, you know, so no one can see my zitts. The next after that a woman, go figure.

    Thanks again Shannon,
    Dan ( I kinda like mindbender better )
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    It's not blue anymore. That must be one of the things Prohealth fixed recently. OK, well anyway, I remember you told someone else that you did not do that one.

    Do you do art? If the pictures are going to be as clear as they are now on the profiles, I could put some others on there that have already been on. In fact I'll post them to your name when I do.

    Do you do a search of your name when you get on? I just happened to run into your thread today. To answer your question, I've been drawing since about the 8th grade, and women make the best subjects. I've started doing other things lately though, and some wood carving.

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    Dear MB (doesn't that have a cool, secret agent sound to it?) I started drawing when I learned to grasp a crayon. Mom saved my stuff in an album. One is one a little scrap of tan construction paper, labled "Shannon's first drawing, age 2." It's a face! I've liked doing faces ever since. Some of my elementary school teachers let me draw in class because they knew I was paying attention anyway.

    I used mostly pencil back then. In the early teens I switched to wax crayon portraits in wild non-human colors. In high school, I came to like the precision and convenience of ballpoint pen, and the way it didn't smudge. Nowadays, I'm just a casual doodler. Not enough concentration for anything else.

    If I get well enough I want to buy a projector and take the doodles I've done and make them into paintings in bright colors. They're all people pictures, purely immagined. Well, a few of them are catalog models. Nothing helps with figure drawing like drawing Sears undie people. ;) I used to like National Geographic best for photos to draw from because the emotion pictured was real. Drawing live people was more fun, but not a lot of opportunity. Guys in the high school lunch room can get pretty embarassed if they know you're recording them.

    How's your disability hearing going?

    ((pimples, schmimples, I say!)) Shannon :)
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    It would be cheaper to buy one than to loan mine to you, shipping and all. Besides you would want to keep one.

    I have had mine for a number of years and I actually seem to have a need/use for it quite often.

    About the Disability, I want to be careful what I say because I have heard so many horror stories about others that really needed it and were turned down. I'll just tell you I think it went well, but I have to go back.

    When the Judge learned that I wanted to bring a Lawyer with me, and wasn't able to, he gave me another chance to get one.

    I talked to you before about your "ball point pen drawings" are you saying you forgot? Or are you going top blame it on brain fog due to illness, like I always try and never get away with? You can't tell your siblings to get you one, or are you talking about the energy to stand and reproduce them?
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    How's it going with the projector?

    Nah, I'm too sick to do anything. You name it, I can't do it. Standing, talking, thinking, planning...

    I do remember someone saying something about ballpoint drawings, didn't remember it was you. My memory is not good.

    (( )) Shannon
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    when ever you get a chance to answer this. The boards move much slower these days. Some people left, plus the switch of the chit chat board.

    I was just wondering what you're doing? Are you bed ridden? What are your pains from, is it all fibro or cfs?you must have some other issuses, no? I know it's none of my business but often I hear the girls talking about a whole host of problems.

    I thought the fibro I've gotten was bad, and it is, but I feel bad for some of you girls.

    Well take care for now, no big hurry on answering this it's not going anywhere , or not very far.

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    I have CFS. Hardly any pain most days. Have to lie down most of the day. Weakness, fatigue and cognitive symptoms are the main things for me.

    How are you lately?

    ((hugs)) Shannon
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    Recently I've been experiencing cognitive problems. I've not been diagnosed with CfS, but I've got all the symptoms. I've got Fibro. My wife just left me today, and took my kids, so it looks like I'm going to have that free time after all to do some more art.
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    Sorry about your wife and kids, Bendy. (( ))
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    through all the moving, my Wife/not wife, uncovered another one of my old pictures. If I can find the way to scan it I'll put that one up. Oh arn't we all just so happy?

    PS. I spelled aren't wrong didn't I?
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    Bendy, if you spelled everything wrong, you'd be a true innovator. :)

    Sending hugs. How are you holding up?
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    I see you finally worked up enough energy to reply.

    the mornings are lonely until I take my meds, they bring me back to reality, or my best understanding of reality.

    I've talked to my kids every night and their planning on visiting the end of Jan/ early Feb.

    So far my wifes boyfriend seems to be treating them good. I hope that keeps up but I'm always a pessimist, and I don't trust anyone. especially some one who goes behind my back and successfully dismantles my family.

    I don't feel good I've got to go to bed, oh i didn't tell you that my Mom's flying up tomorrow to stay with me.

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    Your "crap" thread was excellent! You really hit a nerve there. :)

    I haven't been on much, or on but not able to write anything. I'd stopped my sleep herbs for several weeks (ND says they're bad for me), but I got too dopey during the day, so I started taking them again a couple days ago. So now I'm a bit more alert, but I'm depressed in the morning again, like I used to be when I was taking them. Wish there was something okay that I could take. Don't seem to do well with sleep aids.

    How are your kids doing? How old are they? I'm really sorry. I hear you about not trusting someone else to take care of them.

    Is your mom still visiting?

    ((hugs, prayers))