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    What was the name of the doctor you went to at the movement clinic? The one I went to was Dr. Brodsky. He spent over 2 hours with me and was very thorough. I'm surprised to hear this about the movement clinic. I liked Dr. Bryant. He discovered that I had nephrogenic diabetes insipidus while he was running many tests. He had me touch his finger with my finger and said no Parkinson's. This was in 2003. Then he sent me to an endrochrologist named David Cook for the NDI. The second year that I went to Cook for my NDI checkup he said - My you have a bad case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it's robbed you of your life. The third year I went to Cook he said I'm obese and having brain strokes because I smoke. I weighed 160 at that time. I never went back until my PI wrote the Parkinson's movement disorder clinic and recommended they see me. My PI talked extensively with Dr. Bryant last fall and both he and Bryant said they did not know what is wrong with me. What in the world is going on with these doctors? A neurologist in Bend told me 2 years ago that I had Parkinson's symptoms and put me on sinemet. It worked well for a few months and then not so well. Then he said maybe he misdiagnosed me and didn't know what was wrong but keep taking the sinemet and come back. I didn't go back there either. This upsets me terribly. What if the doctor I just saw misdiagnosed me too. But he was so thorough. I wish you luck up there with Dr. Bryant. PLEASE write and let me know how the appt went. I will be watching for a post to me about it. I will keep your name by my computer so I don't forget it

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