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    Wanted to let you know Im 52 yrs young Lol.I have FM.

    The judge gave me a bench desision and approved me on the bases of FM.

    A letter from my boss was one very important piece.So was a letter from a friend.

    Also support from my srhink and GP also nuroligest and 3 rhumys.I made sure my attorny had great letters from them all.

    You need to make sure you have not worked since you bacame Ill thats the first? they ask.

    It was very informal.She also asked why I felt I could no longer work.I broke down and cryd .Told her how I used to spend my time .If I was not working I would be doing charity work and helping others find work also lots of fundraisers.

    I do believe it was the letters and my work ethics and that I spend most of my time housebound now .Very few good days.

    Well hope this helps any? just ask

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    Thanks so much for your answer. I know I have a strong work ethic too. I volunteered in an ER for 8 years. I went to school at age 35 and became a certified medical assistant. I was active with my state society. I also volunteered for the Arthritis Foundation and led fibro support groups. I used to be called the energizer bunny. This bunny's batteries are worn down! lol I used to work 7 days a week when I was divorced. I really miss working a lot after all the time and energy spent in getting my degree. Well, thanks again Sue and to all of you who bumpred for me.

    M J

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