To Monica with the 4 doggies

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    Your upbeat attitude, especially considering your past, is so rare that I wonder if you might like to communicate with me, Darcyfarrow, via private Email, as we can't do that on these boards, I don't think. What got me interested at first was you are in N.C. and a small town. The way you described it . . . it sounds great.

    Anyway, I live in Cary. You probably live near Ashville or something, but we could still email. I don't know. I am much older than you, 58. I'm probably older than you Mom too.

    Here's the thing: I have always been jealous of but fascinated with people who seemed to be born with a "happy" gene. From the little I know of you, I think you've got it. Really, Monica, a "normally" equipped human who had been through what you have described would probably be a drug addict or dead. Trust me: I'm old, wise, and experienced in many ways.

    Because of this strange combination fate/God has laid on you: wretched childhood--happy gene, you story would, in the right hands, make a good book or movie. Just a thought. I'm not the one to write something like that, but it interests me none the less.

    Finally, you are a pleasant, fun person I can tell. So, email me or not:

    Your potential friend,