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    Hi.... Wow....She sounds really GREAT! She KNOWS Alot! I wish i could find someone like. I know it will be expensive....but oh well, it will be worth it if I could just have a life.
    Anyway, this guy that I went to; I just didnt feel that great about him at first but gave him a chance anyway cuz he is highly recommended. Anyway he said he strongly felt that its alot to do with yeast and thryoid; so he gave me some pills. I was on them for 5 weeks; and was having loose stools and just didnt feel that it was doing any good. so when my appt came; He said that I should have felt a little better by now and the worst is the first 2 weeks; but I just didnt feel better, plus when i ask him questions he gets short with me and say "we went over this before" i felt "thats it" this is not right for me, plus he gave me a bottle of candida fungus II and said "ok this is the 2nd level of treatment and it should help ur bowels and also to put 1/2 lemon in water every morning. It just didn't seem very promising to me so i quit the pills. But i def need to find someone like her; yes i believe in the power of prayer and that it will lead me to someone good. so now that i know what an ND is where should i start. How did you find her? sorry if u already told me; got to go back and read msg again.

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    Hi Suexi,

    My rheumatologist and also an infectious disease doctor did extensive testing and did not find that I have Lyme's Disease. They did find that I had C-Pneumonia and a previous infecction with Mononucleosis. However, we all know that the validity & reliability isn't very good for blood tests to validate whether someone has Lyme's disease as the spirochete is able to hide from the immune system.

    I had my naturopathic doctor test for various parasites in my system using muscle testing (she is excellent at muscle testing). She tested for many things: various viruses, bacteria, fungus, worms, protozoa, etc, etc. She treated me with Dr. Overman's herbal formulas as I had allergic reactions to allopathic meds and couldn't take them.

    Some people who think they have CFS may actually have Lyme's Disease instead. However, Lyme's Disease is not the same as CFS.

    I don't think I really said how I found my current ND, Denise Rosso. I mention more about her in another on-going post called "ART & health - SpartanJT & Sbilek". You will definitely want to skim through some of my responses as it will give you lots of information about what Denise does, my treatment frustrations, discouragement, hope, progress, etc.

    I found Denise Rosso, ND, through a friend of mine who referred her to me. I knew her aunt had been ill when I was young. My friend updated me on how much her aunt had suffered with an unknown illness that major hospitals in the area were doing a case study on b/c it was so unusual. She had numerous problems and was on weekly chemotherapy which left her on her deathbed. She found Denise and a fantastic herbalist who have both been KEY to her getting a lot of her life back. After seeing Denise a few times, I knew she was helping in a major way. My GI problems were lessening, my health wasn't getting worse by the week, and I could feel after effects of her therapy.

    It sounds like the guy you are seeing just doesn't have a well-rounded enough knowledge of all of this. I have seen alternative practitioners who were MD's, DO's and chiropractors who were not skilled the way Denise is. I'm sure there are fantastic alternative practitioners in California.

    You just have to be careful who you are spending money going to see. I've made mistakes and spent money on people who don't help much too. I get stressed out when I read treatment stuff and get overwhelmed but I find that if I surrender it all to God and ask for direction then I eventually find some peace. It's also good to seek counsel from many people and then follow a path of peace. It's challenging to say the least.

    Does that help???

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