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    I've missed your posts recently! Missed your scripture quotes and comments, poems, funny stories, and wonderful sense of humor and play.

    "A Merry Heart Doeth good like a Medcine"

    How's everything going? What's happening in your life?

    (nosy me) :)

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Love, Judy
  2. morningsonshine

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    It sure gives a person a warm fuzzy to be missed.

    I usaully don't post a Daily Dose on the weekends.
    But i have been getting sporadic!!

    Yesterday, i posted asatrump a long post, and figured that was enough out of me!! LOL

    I've been reading everyones posts, sometimes, i find my brain and fingers just don't want to reply, This is my PMS week, when i find everything harder.

    This is the last week of school, so you won't probably hear to much out of me after today, (this week)
    Tomorrows bible study,
    then Wed. and thurs. will be out of town, have to take the three hour trip to Duluth, and see LLMD again. Appt. at 8:30 am again, so have to go night before.

    I will be missing my kindergarten's graduation :(
    and friday, is my 4th graders school picnic.

    And i guess all that will be enough to put me down and out for awhile. Unless i'm lucky, oh- and have to squeeze grocery shopping in there somewhere!!!

    Did i tire you out yet? HeHe!

    I read the Hobbit first also, in about 7th grade, i remember getting thur that first chpt. was really hard!!

    But once i did i couldn't put it down! I didn't even know about the other books for a couple more years. Then the cute neighbor boy borrowed them to me.
    And i became a fan.

    I read them again as a young adult and it was even better the second time.
    Then i read them as a christian, and got even more out of them. The story is sooo real, you just want to live there!

    I think the real hero is Sam-wise and his loyalty to frodo.
    And of course you have to love Aragorn!
    I love there meeting at the three pony's. And Bill the horse, i was sad when sam had to let him go, and happy at the end when the author didn't forget about the horse.

    I read them again after all the movies came out and i had watched them. They did a really good job, but so much in the books, you just can't get it all into a movie.

    Viggo Mortenson will forever be Aragorn to me, he nailed that character dead on, bringing your imagination to life.

    I did not like his character in Hiddiaglo, he just didn't convince my of that character. He was still Aragorn to me.

    Any Pengy's on the loose today??

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  3. morningsonshine

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    It's 4 in the morning and i'm up with a headache. My husband got called out, and the phone woke me up also.

    Some crazy lady thinks she has a mountain lion trying to crawl into her trailer.

    I know what it really is, it's a Pengy!!!

    More likely she has some kitty cats prowling around or a raccoon.

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    I was just reading over our thread starting with the 'the rubber rat' story. I was laughing all over again - that's one of my favorite posts. The brillo rat - the hamster moving under the tupperware towards Hangin's terrified friend! LOL

    What a joy to read it all over again! Start another one please, with another funny story!!!

    In 10 minutes I'm going to call my friend to have our weekly prayer, and sharing, and devotional time. We read books together too on the phone. This one is about hope, and the writer is very original, using imaginative images.

    My friend Diane and I are prayer partners; we have always said that we are like Frodo and Sam!!! For the past 2 decades or more. She totally loves the Lord of the Rings, as do all her children -now grown.

    Did you like the New Disney "Lion, Witch and Wardrobe"?
    Did you see the first one?

    I was re-reading tonight a Madeleine L'Engle fantasy, " An Acceptable Time" - part of the series starting with "A wrinkle in Time". She is a Christian with a brilliant imagination. I adore her!

    Last night I was praying for your Bible study. Hope it went well. And now you have your Dr's visit. Wow, it sounds exhausting!

    How are your children and horses?

    OOps - got to run. My friend talks before she goes to work.

    Catch you later.

    Love, Judy