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    Hi Mist,

    My hub and I watched The Lord Of the Rings on New Years Eve. This is only the second time. I was clutching onto his arm, and inching closer and closer to him every time one of the ring-wraiths appeared. They are so scary! I loved when the hobbits met Strider at the Prancing Pony. My hero!!! Now we are at Rivendell, when the Fellowship is just being formed. I felt so sad for Sam and Frodo because they wanted to go home to the Shire SO MUCH.

    How are you feeling now? Did you get over your virus?

    Looking forward to hearing your news.
    Love, Judy
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    Just go home from grocery shopping. This is the best i've felt since xmas, my throat still sounds abit funny but i'm feeling better, also went to the chiro yesterday, and that helped too.

    Those movies are so fun! They did Aragorn so well!! He is such a romantic figure. A strong, mysterious man with a destiny, a uncrowned King!

    The Part at the prancing pony is one of my favorites too, in the movie and book. At first i didn't know if strider was a good guy or bad. And Sam gets his pony, Bill. I like Bill!

    Merry and Pippen are much more ready to go of and have a grand adventure, than Sam or Frodo, I think Frodo know it's a very serious business, and a great weight he carries.

    One of my favorite parts in the movie is in, I think, the last one. When Aragon goes on the path to summon the dead to fill full there oath, that was broken, so they will fight for him.. And when he challenges them, "What say you?!!" It's a great line, and part!

    Judy, how long since you've read the books?? After watching the movie i was inspired to go read the books again. There is so much deepth in the books that just can't go into the movies, no matter how good, and they did do a good job.

    The only character i didn't care for in the movie, is how they did the orks. I just imagined them different in my mind that's all. More like a human ape like creature with huge fangs.

    Fun subject! Have watched all three movies yet or just the first one? The first one was my favorite.
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    We just watched another section of The Fellowship. SO MUCH HAPPENED so quickly. You're right about the books - I think there is a lot of time in between all the action. And more time to know the characters.

    For instance Frodo took quite a while to leave the Shire after Bilbo did.

    I haven't read the books in about 10 years maybe. I discovered THE HOBBIT when I was 16, in an old carton of paperbacks that my cousin had finished with. I had never heard of it. I had no idea what an extraordinary experience was opening up for me. When I was a teenager, my boyfriend wrote me letters in Elvish.

    I met The Hildenbrand Brothers at an exhibit of their illustrations of TLOTR. I asked them to sign 'Long Live Gandalf' on my calendar of their work.

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better!

    "Long live Gandalf"